“Andara Crystals”

I know this one is not going to make me any new friends, and that is OK! I can only report to you on my personal research and study, so take it as it is or pass on it.

Andara Crystals are not crystals at all. They are a type of slag glass (from glass factories). They originally were found in an abandoned garbage dump in California. Recently some was found near old volcanic activity. Glass is not now, nor will it ever be a crystal.

This is confirmed by mindat.org when they report, “Glass is an amorphous (meaning NO crystal structure), homogeneous material with a random liquid-like structure generally formed due to rapid cooling.

Glasses can be natural rocktypes (such as obsidian, lechatelierite or tektite) or artificial materials (e.g., in slags). Most natural and artificial glasses are predominantly composed of silica with variable amounts of impurities, especially alkalis.

After reading the pages and pages of claims, I will stick with my initial gut reaction/intuition which is, while it is glass, which may have its own energy signature (everything is energy), I question the validity of the claims made on its “powers”.

It is my opinion that this whole Andara thing is hokum. Yup, I said it, HOKUM! Just another something to part you from your money.

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