Breaking Down Aventurine

Aventurine, also called Aventurine Quartz is a “feebly translucent, fine-grained to compact variety of Quartzite, the surface of which has a speckled, metallic sheen, usually of a reddish-brown color, but occasionally yellow, white, blue or green. This appearance is caused by the presence, in the colorless quartz substance, of numbers of enclosures (scales of mica, plates of chrome-mica fuchsite, etc.), which can always be seen with the aid of the microscope, and sometimes with a simple lens, or with the naked eye.”

Aventurine is a general term that is used by different commercial interests to mean several different kinds of stones. Greenlandite and Indian Jade are both synonyms for Green Aventurine. “Aventurine Feldspar” is a name often used to identify Sunstone.

Locations where Aventurine is found include Japan, South Africa, Austria, India, Germany, Canada and the USA (most notably Vermont, Virginia and Nebraska).

It is my understand that to be called a true Aventurine, the mineral be a colorless quartz with inclusions of mica (scales), chromian mica (fuchsite with mica), hematite or goethite which colors the quartz and gives it sparkle.

If the specimen does not have sparkle, it is more accurately identified as a colored quartz: Blue Quartz, Peach Quartz, Orange Quartz, etc)

Blue Aventurine

Geology: Some references allude to the blue color being caused by Crocidolite while others believe it is colored by Dumortierite.

It is my belief that Blue Aventurine is colored by Crocidolite while Blue Quartz gets its color from Dumortierite. Often, in the metaphysical community, these two names are used interchangeably.

Metaphysical: Blue Aventurine is all about commitment, focus, patience and practice. It will help to soothe and smooth any chaotic energy around you. If the chaos is coming from within, then Blue Aventurine will help to lower the anxieties so you are able to look at the situation with clear eyes. If the chaos is coming from others around you, the Blue Aventurine will help you remain calm and clear, with the understanding that the chaos is not yours and there is no reason to jump into anyone else’s lesson.

Blue Aventurine feels like it will work with connection and communication on a physical level. With Blue Aventurine you can find clarity in your thoughts and words. If you work in a job where you do public speaking, this would be a great piece to put in your pocket.

Physically, Blue Aventurine would be helpful when dealing with infections of the face and throat such as Sinusitis, Head colds, ear aches and sore throats.

Green Aventurine

Geological: Green Aventurine gets its color from Green, chromian mica (fuchsite) inclusions.

Metaphysical: Green Aventurine carries the energy of the heart and as such helps to connect to your own heart space. For me, Green Aventurine is strong but not overbearing. I feel as if it understands where you are energetically and emotionally and works in the best way for you at any given time. Green Aventurine is used to enhance manifestation and intention energies. It is often associated with abundance, prosperity and creativity. Use Green Aventurine when needing to find balance and center.

Green Aventurine would help to aid in the healing of the heart and emotions. It helps to cool rage, reduces negative thoughts and emotions and reduces stress. It is also a general aid in the healing of the body.

Physically, Green Aventurine will help to ease nausea and purify the emotional and physical bodies.

Orange/Peach Aventurine

Geological: Orange Aventurine is colored by inclusions of Hematite and/or Goethite.

Metaphysical: Orange to Peach Aventurine is very helpful for those who suffer from anxiety of panic issues. This Aventurine helps to calm and find a place of center, even in the most stressful of times. It can help to ease mood swings and imbalance. It is also my “go to” for those times where I self judge and/or find an increase in my own negative self talk. This piece will also help to curb unwarranted judgement of others. Use Orange to Peach Aventurine to help inspire creativity and passion projects.

Physically, Orange to peach Aventurine can be used to aid in stomach and colon issues (IBS, Crohn’s Disease) as well as Ovary imbalances and reproductive imbalances.

Pink Aventurine

Geological:Pink Aventurine is simply an Red Aventurine with a less intense inclusion of Hematite. Mica fragments are often also included, making for a lovely starry sparkle when turned in the light.

Metaphysical: Pink Aventurine goes above the physical, five sensory level. It rises past the eighth chakra of universal love, compassion and spirituality, allowing one to embrace not only the physical vehicle in which we reside, but also allowing absolute love of our higher self/soul/divine being. To me, it is like a favorite warm, fuzzy blanket, embracing and enfolding one in joy and love.

Pink Aventurine helps to open any blockages you have in the heart/heart space and allow love to flow freely. It is often used as a tool to help access our higher self and discover our purpose and/or passion.

Physically, Pink Aventurine has been recommended to strengthen the immune system and aid with conditions related to aging.

Red Aventurine

Geological:Aventurine is a variety of quartz containing glistening fragments (usually mica, such as fuchsite, but also hematite). Red Aventurine contains Hematite and varies in hues from a pale pink/red to a dark and sparkly red.

Metaphysical: Red Aventurine enhances ones creativity, brings prosperity, diffuses negativity and balances the male-female energies. Find yourself stuck? Writer’s block? Creativity blocked? Red Aventurine helps one to see alternatives, possibilities and power through/crush any blocks that are standing in your way.

Physically, Red Aventurine can benefit the thymus gland and nervous system. It balances blood pressure and as an elixir can aid in skin problems. Red Aventurine is often used as an aid to reproductive healing.

Yellow Aventurine

Geological: Yellow Aventurine is a translucent to opaque pale to gold color. Trace particles of Iron and Fuchsite (chromium mica) give Yellow Aventurine its color and sparkle.

Metaphysical: Yellow Aventurine can bring a sunny day disposition even in the gloomiest of times. I used this piece for helping to calm anxiety and soothe the soul. Work with Yellow Aventurine when having trust issues, especially when it comes to trusting self (including information/signs received from higher self).

Physically, Yellow Aventurine can help to calm the nerves (and butterflies in the stomach!). It also can be useful as an aid to dealing with and healing from addiction.

White Aventurine

Geological: White Quartz with mica scale inclusions.

Metaphysical: Helps to aid in alignment with your soul’s purpose. The properties of both quartz and mica would apply for this stone. Used to facilitate clarity in visions. White Aventurine gives opportunity for self reflection and allows the understanding that in each person you meet, you see the reflection self within. This Aventurine is exactly that! A mirror to the soul!!

Physically, I feel that White Aventurine would be a wonderful piece to remove toxins of all kinds from the body, as well as clearing any blockages from the system.

Original article written by Kristi Hugs 2018 All Rights Reserved

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