Buying your first Crystals

Everything is energy. The body we inhabit, the emotions we feel, the physical sensations of taste and smell, touch and sound, are all different ways to experience energy.

Energy is vibratory in nature and we each have our own unique vibrational frequency. This frequency may shift or change depending on where we are at that particular moment. This is very important to understand.

Why? As a beginner, it is natural to ask others opinions, thoughts and suggestions. It is important to listen and absorb. It is important to read books, study and research. But what is MOST important when it comes to choosing your first stones is that you understand your own personal
vibrational frequency.

My what?

Visualize a thermometer. Just holding the thermometer, the mercury appears to be pretty centered. Put that thermometer in ice-cold water and the temperature is lowered dramatically. You can visually see the mercury level drop. Stick the thermometer into a heat source and the
mercury climbs higher and higher.

The same type of occurrence happens with the energy shifts in your frequency/vibration.

For instance, if you are hurt or ill, your vibrational frequency lowers. You may say you feel, “blue” “drained” or “down”. If you get that job you wanted or receive a well-deserved complement, your vibrational frequency
raises. You may say you feel “in the pink”, “high” or “up”. This is simply energy at work.

So using this basic information, Say that you want to raise your vibration so that you can meditate effortlessly. You would choose a stone with a higher vibrational frequency, so that by holding it, it would raise your energy vibration, making it easier to get to that meditation space that you want to be in.

Now say you are having a most overwhelming day. You am pinging all over the place and accomplishing nothing. You cannot seem to stay focused on any one task. You would want to choose a stone with a lower vibrational frequency from your own—to pull your energy down a bit, one to ground and balance you. Something that will allow you to be centered and focused.

Practice tuning in to your own unique energy vibration during different experiences throughout your day. Soon you will be able to identify the shifts in your energy. This is the first component you will need to be familiar with when choosing crystals/stones.

A note here: Do not beat yourself up, judge yourself, or compare your experiences to others. Sometimes, being able to identify ones own energy vibration takes practice. This is your personal journey, so proceed at your own pace.

What pulls a person towards a certain crystal? It may be sparkly or a certain color. It may be that they are attracted to natural pieces versus polished ones. To hear an exclamation of, “Ohhhhhhhh, pretty!!!!!!” gives me pause to smile. Why? This is intuition at its finest!

We all are naturally provided with this tool called Intuition. It can be invaluable when choosing stones or crystals to assist you with answers you seek or an issue you are currently experiencing. It is THE best tool, in my opinion, to have at your disposal and it is totally free!

Each person resonates at their own unique energy frequency and are naturally drawn to certain stones based on where they are at that particular moment in time. For instance, while one may be
strongly drawn to Kyanite, another may feel nothing. While both may want to use Kyanite to assist in meditation, reaching their highest guides, working on throat chakra issues, etc., it may not resonate for both.

I truly believe that tuning in and really listening to ones intuition assists that person in making the absolute correct choice for him or herself at that time.

Anyone that has asked for my crystal suggestions on a specific issue they are facing will always be presented with several options and the suggestion that they look at each piece I have offered and see what resonates for THEM.

It is my belief that no stone works exactly the same for every person. Each person and their vibrational energy are different at any given time. There are always exceptions. But the principle of energy is always constant. We are always energy.

A word on Books
OK, so you do not think you are tuned in to your intuition just yet? Fact is, you are. You just may not recognize it as such yet. In that case, books can be very helpful. There are hundreds of books out there, all sharing information, pictures for identification, and metaphysical properties.

When I first began working with crystals over a two decades ago, I did what pretty much everyone does. I got the most recommended book, read each entry and wrote down all of the stones I thought would benefit me. The list was, of course, HUGE.

Once I was able to understand my energy vibration and listen to my intuition, I have come to a personal conclusion. All books that list metaphysical properties, list them in a very general way. Similar to the
astrological reports you may see in the Sunday paper. The report for an Aries does not take specific and personal information (birth date, birth time, birth location) into consideration, but will give a very general overview for all the Aries out there.

Metaphysical properties are the exact same way. Remember the example above with the two folks who both wanted to use Kyanite? Both may read the book and believe Kyanite will work for them, but one resonates while the other does not.

I was taught to walk around my favorite crystal shop simply browsing, to see what caught my eye. When I found a piece that I was drawn to, I should pick it up and hold it for a bit, THEN, if I needed the validation, I could go to a book and check out the metaphysical properties.

I offer the same advice to those I teach. Chances are? If you use this process? the crystal you choose will be exactly what you were looking for.

Choosing Crystals using Chakras/Color
Chakras are energy centers within in the body. There are hundreds that spin and maintain our body’s energy input and output.

When beginning to communicate with stones and crystals a simple rule of thumb is to remember the chakras and the corresponding colors. It’s simple, and no big, heavy books to tote around. Go with a color that corresponds with the issue you are currently working to resolve.

Trying to get pregnant? Try some Carnelian (Red/Orange-Root Chakra/Sacral Chakra). Dealing with some heavy emotional issues? Citrine (Yellow-Solar Plexus) Communication issues? Try some Sodalite (Blue-Throat Chakra).

Let’s use the examples from earlier:
Say that I want to raise my vibration so that I can meditate effortlessly.
I would choose a stone with a higher vibrational frequency, so that by holding it, it would raise my own energy vibration, making it easier to get to that meditation space that I want to be in. Higher vibrational crystals would include those in the color range of greens, blues, turquoise to teal, purples, whites, golds and pinks.

Now say I am having a most overwhelming day. I am pinging all over the place and accomplishing nothing. I cannot seem to stay focused on any one task. I would want to choose a stone with a lower vibrational frequency from my own—to pull my energy down a bit, one to ground and balance me. Something that will allow me to focus. Grounding and/or balancing crystals would include reds, oranges, yellows, blacks and browns.

Simple way to remember—
Grounding to Earth.
Raising to Sky.

A few simple Guidelines for buyers AND sellers:
Crystal Seller: Take time and really listen to what the buyer has to say. Everyone has a story to tell and the story is just as important in giving clues to what is really needed.

Crystal Buyer: Take time to listen to the inner you (higher self), your intuition. Never discount what you feel or hear.

Crystal Seller: I have never told a customer that a particular stone they have chosen is “wrong”. I sometimes gently suggest others that may work well with the stone they have chosen, but will never second-guess the customer. Remember, we all work on very personal energy frequencies.

Crystal Buyer: It is important not to be talked into anything that you truly do not resonate with. You know better than anyone what is needed. Your intuition will guide you to choose a stone/crystal/rock with the exact frequency you need so no matter which stone/crystal/rock you choose, it is your vibrational frequency and your intent that will work in concert with the stone/crystal/rock to achieve your goal.

So go have fun exploring the world of crystals!! Enjoy the process, trust your intuition and before long, you will have a variety of crystal companions to assist you with whatever issues you are working on.

Original article written by Kristi Hugs 2008 All Rights Reserved

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