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Once I acquired my very first crystals, I read everything I could get my hands on about them.  Purchasing was, of course, just the first step in many, according to the books I read.  Each book reminded me that cleaning the crystals was a necessary part of being their caretakers.  And oh, how they ALL had different ideas and techniques to do so!!  I was overwhelmed at the differences in opinions.  Added to that, were the opinions of those I met who told me cleansing crystals had to be done a certain way.   

I did find out, usually by trial and error, what worked for me and what didn’t.  One of my first purchased pieces was a lovely Rainbow Fluorite wand, which I immediately put on my dashboard altar of my car.  I loved that wand!  It even color coordinated with the car which was a lovely teal.

A few weeks later, I noticed my fluorite friend had faded in color and intensity.  I went back to the books.  Yes, they did say sunlight was excellent for cleansing stones, so why was my fluorite fading? I was devastated.

More than a decade later, my fluorite friend is still with me, faded and worn, but truly loved.  It taught me a very important lesson; just because you read something, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily hold true in every case.

Everyone needs a starting point and it is my intent that this information I am sharing here will provide you with a beginning.  Each page will contain one cleaning/clearing method and detailed information on each. Take and use what information you will, leave the rest.   Remember, common sense is key. 

All of this information is taken from my book Crystal Basics 101 and is copyrighted. If you would like to use, feel free to Contact me for permission using the Contact Form link at the top of each page.

Original article written, copyrighted and published by Kristi Hugs 2017 All Rights Reserved

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