Crystals do not illicit fear ~ People do

I have often wondered why anyone would consciously want to illicit fear in another when speaking about a crystal or crystal group? Is it ego? lack of crystal education? simply parroting what has been read without comprehension?

Moldavite is a perfect example. I hear it time and time again. “If you are not ready for Moldavite energies, they will kick your butt.” or “Moldavite is much too strong for many people, so BEWARE!” or “Oh, you are NOT ready for Moldavite!” “Moldavite has powerful ET energy. Be careful!”

In my younger days, I probably made the same kind of comment that I do not like to work with Moldavite because it makes me zingy. When in truth, it did not make me zingy at all. I had heard so many stories, that I got it in my head what I would feel before I even felt it! I also realized that I was scaring off many crystal newbies from ever experiencing the energies of Moldavite due to my own preconceived notions. How irresponsible of me!

I bet you have heard at least one or two of these:

You should NEVER sleep with……..(insert crystal name here)
You should NEVER place Male crystals in your bedroom (or wherever you sleep).
You should NEVER work with…….(insert crystal name here) unless you are experienced
You should NEVER store your crystals in plastic! (can’t you just see the 50 or so folks who read that at the same time going into fear and throwing out all of their plastic?)
You should NEVER….

Every time someone says, “You should NEVER..” it manifests fear, fear, fear.

First of all, please do not listen to anyone else’s “NEVERS” and fears. I do not care how experienced they are. Allow yourself to have YOUR experience.

We each have our own unique energy vibration/frequency. We are drawn to what we are drawn to because our energy vibration/frequency is connecting with the energy vibration/frequency of that particular crystal/mineral/stone/rock. Listen to your connection, not to anyone else. They can only tell you of their experience. You are not them.

If someone is going to tell you that you should NEVER…..ask for an explanation as to why. A plausible, understandable explanation. Even if it comes from higher self/intuition (the “NEVER” information came from there, so why wouldn’t an explanation come from there as well?). There is always a simple, plausible explanation. To have someone say, NEVER and then not be able to explain why? is irresponsible.

Teaching and sharing carries with it an obligation of responsibility. Fear is powerful. Why would anyone want to scare a newcomer right off the bat? Not just for crystals, but for anyone learning something new.

Yes, OK. If you are training a new plant worker, telling them to NEVER stick their hand in the shredder machine or it can take their hand off is valuable advice. That is common sense and the new worker will be happy for the information, especially if they have no common sense of their own.

But we are not talking about shredding hands here. We are talking about an energy exchange. Something that is not often seen, but felt. Part of the process is learning how to recognize and understand your own energies and how you connect with other energies. That is the process of self empowerment.

We, as crystal advocates, should understand this and not put the fear out there.Fear is energy too! And it is an irresponsible way to teach.

Much of what we read, we parrot/mimic to others without any understanding of the actual words. So we share the information, with nothing more than the words we read. No reason, no explanation. We are passing on fear with no good reason. What is there to be accomplished in doing that?

Secondly, there may be certain things in the crystal world where education is helpful. It is not there to invoke fear but knowledge. Just ask me about clearing crystals with salt and watch me go into a tizzy.

There are those exceptions to the NEVER rule. For instance, there are certain crystals that contain minerals that may be toxic if ingested. There may be certain clearing methods that may damage your crystal. These are things you may want more information on. And it can be provided easily!

There is a reasonable, plausible, educational and many times measurable scientific explanation. There should not be any drama or dramatic story. It is not necessary.

Even with salt clearing, I will tell you WHY I feel it is not a good idea. I will share proof with you. I will NOT put the fear of anything into you. I will give you information so you can make an informed choice.

A photograph was flying around Facebook. A person had a tattoo where cinnabar was used for coloring. Cinnabar is toxic, meaning, if you were educated in the toxicity of crystals and minerals, you would not have even considered using Cinnabar as a coloring agent. You would not want to handle this for very long and you would want to wash your hands before touching them to your face or eyes. I found this out because I researched first. I educated myself. And you can too.

So let’s go back to that person who had a horribly disfigured arm. Are you in fear? or are you happy to have this information so you can make an informed and educated choice? I bet the person who had the tattoo would have made a different choice.

Do you see the difference in having knowledge and letting others tell you NEVER due to their own fears/egos/parroting?

You have a unique vibration/frequency which is unlike any other. Telling you what you should feel (because this is what someone else feels) is doing you a great disservice. The seed has already been planted in your mind as to what you should feel. And if you don’t feel that? Who do you get upset and frustrated with? YOU! Not the person who spread the fear based information.

So if you want a piece of Moldavite, then by all means go get one! Allow yourself to be in control. Not someone else’s fear.

There are a lot of good folks out there, sharing crystal information. They offer the information without fear or fear based warnings. I believe most all of them (me included) are here to nurture your crystal growth in all areas. Fear simply does not need to be a part of it. Don’t let it be for you.

Original article written by Kristi Hugs 2016 All Rights Reserved

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