Do Crystals Clash?

I have often heard that if someone carries too many crystals they can clash or cancel each other out. Is that true?

The word “Clash” brings up images of Titans locked in battle (reference The Clash of the Titans). It also makes me wonder who decided this was a “thing”.

Who in the world would put this fear based concept in the minds of those who work with crystals? Especially beginners.

For me, the concept may have some validity, if it were worded more accurately. However, putting fear based energy out there is irresponsible.

Let me share what is true for me, in my experience, working with crystal energies. It is not that they don’t “get along”. It is not that they do not like each other.  Remember, they are energy, not your neighbors or that crazy uncle no one talks about.

Everything is energy. This includes the crystal and mineral families. Each crystal has a specific energy vibration/frequency. It begins during its creation, formation and growth.

Some crystals carry a lower, more physical vibe/energy. (Think Jasper, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, etc. In general, any brown, black or metallic crystal/mineral).  In other words, they help to pull your energy down to the earth to ground you, stabilize you, and physically balance you.

There are crystals/minerals that are in the medium low to medium high ranges. Those that work with the energy of the emotional body, creation and communications.

Then, there are the crystals that carry higher vibrations. These are the ones that may help you connect to your heart space, access your intuition, help you to meditate, connect with your higher self/guides/angels or find that Divine, Unconditional Love Source.

Let me explain.

If you are a psychic reader or medium and use a high vibration crystal, like Selenite to access angelic guidance, your guides, etc and also have decided to use a piece of Hematite in this process, you have one high vibration crystal (Selenite) and one grounding crystal/mineral (Hematite).

In fact, it is often recommended for those who do medium or psychic work to carry these two types of energies at the same time. To not only access the higher realms but to keep them grounded while doing so. One does not counteract the other.

This could actually work to your advantage. If you are energy sensitive, you don’t necessarily want the Selenite to shoot you to the higher realms in a way you cannot control.  And, as such, the hematite will help to make your ascent more controllable. See?

So you see, combining a lower vibration and higher vibration crystal does not make it bad; there are situations where both are needed and they work very well together.

If you keep a few (or a bunch) of crystals in your pocket or work with them at the same time, will they “get along?”

Again, these are not young siblings fighting over the same Tonka Toy. Crystals do not have egos or emotions or reactions in the same way as humans do. The ONLY reason I would consider not putting two or more crystals together is if they are a different hardness.

Angelite is soft. Putting it in the same pocket/pouch as a quartz point could cause damage to the Angelite. Quartz is a 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale and the point could ding the Angelite, which is a 3-3.5. That “ding” would leave little white pit marks on the Angelite. It is really just that simple.

This “clash” concept should not be a fear based concept.  I hope I have made it less so.

As always, I encourage you to always ask questions. If something does not sit right with you, do not be afraid to question it. I am available and happy to guide you through.

Go forth, without fear,


Original article written by Kristi Hugs 2017 All Rights Reserved

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