Do Crystals Really Heal?

What crystal is good for ___________?

What crystal will help me heal (fill in the blank) ______________?

More often than any other question I am asked are the ones that deal with crystals and healing.

Let me share what I believe to be true for me when it comes to healing in general and crystals to help heal, specifically.

Everything contains energy.  Rocks, trees, bodies, inanimate objects, you name it, they all contain energy. No, I am not going to go into the electrons, neutrons, protons talk. We all know that each energy level has a certain amount of space for the electrons to move in. I am not a scientist and cannot approach this from a scientific point of view.  I will use my common sense approach instead.

Bottom line for me is shared in one simple statement:

Crystals bring energy in and they can send it out.

Each crystal, depending on its location, where it was grown and harvested, etc. has a specific energy. The energy comes from its molecular structure, the chemical elements that bond to create the crystal, the weather elements (water, wind, etc.) and so on.

Crystals energetically vibrate. It may be a low, steady hum or a higher, faster spin or anything in between! There are literally thousands of crystals and minerals, each having its unique energy vibration. Just as you and I have our own unique energy vibration.

We choose crystals for a specific energy, for a specific reason and/or for a specific time. We put this energy into our own energy field. The two energies merge into one.

  • For instance, if we are scared, we may choose a crystal that will integrate its soothing energy into ours, thereby calming us.
  • If we are working to contact our higher self, guides, or angels, we choose an energy that is higher than our own. By holding it to us, our energy is raised to the same vibration as the crystal allowing that connection to be made.
  • If we feel chaotic, we choose a crystal with a lower vibration to help balance and ground our own energy, thereby easing the chaos.

This is how I have come to understand crystalline energy and how it works for me.

So, do crystals really heal? I think my answer will surprise you.

No, they do not. At least, not on their own.

Crystals are a tool, an aid to becoming healthy or facing an issue. They will work WITH you by subtly enhancing your physical/emotional/spiritual energy, which will assist in regaining your health.

Like any natural healing technique, it is a slower process as opposed to taking a “miracle drug” that works overnight. Natural healing will not happen overnight. Natural healing addresses the root cause of the symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves.  And, as such, crystals may help to ease a condition but they alone will not heal MS or AIDS or Cancer.

Crystals are just one step, one tool in the process of healing. The real healing starts with you. You must take responsibility. You must be present. You must participate.

There must be a specific intent and active participation. Often, the idea is that once the crystal is purchased, it will do the work and we will benefit.

Even when going to a metaphysical healer, Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, etc. It is your responsibility to actively ask for what you need and participate in the experience. The healer can do the work, sure, but are you doing your part? How do you prepare for a session? Do you do what is needed after the session (rest, drink plenty of water, etc.?).

You know, I was very much into The Secret when it first came out. It resonated so deeply within me. I shared it with everyone I knew. Yet, as time went on, I realized what I considered to be a flaw in the plan. Sure, everyone was visualizing, stating what they wanted to create but where was the call for ACTION???

We can sit and state what we want all the day long. Where is the call for active participation? For Action? We MUST take responsibility.

Sure, looking at a car you want and pretending you are driving that car is a good start. Cutting out pictures of that car and pasting them to your vision board is a good thing.

But until you get out there and take action (get a job, save up the money, go to the bank, inquire about a loan, etc.) the car will never be yours, only a picture on a board.

Yes, I know that seems a bit radical. It was good to see shortly after, that some of the teachers who appeared on The Secret were saying the exact same thing! STATE, BELIEVE, ACTION, CREATE!

There is nothing wrong with the power of faith, hope and belief. I truly believe it is a very important aspect of healing. The mind is a powerful participant.

What I am saying is that the crystal alone will not do the healing. It needs to be in your energy field. It needs to know what you want it to do. It needs for you to actively participate.

Here is a personal example: I am a type II diabetic.

I take medication to help keep my blood sugar down. If that is all I did, after a bit, I would progress to needing insulin and have an array of medical problems that are known to be prevalent to diabetics. Instead, I am actively participating in my health. I eat healthy food, I make sure I am up and out of this chair many times a day, I exercise so I can lose this extra weight, I take my blood sugar to check my status, I know if I indulge in a Hershey’s kiss, I need to make sure to have a protein to go with it to balance the sugar, and yes, I use crystals that may aid in the stabilization of my blood sugar (i.e. send energy to strengthen my pancreas and my body to help regulate the energy flow, hence the healing flow). See the difference?

I am an active participant in my condition. I did not get a crystal and just wear it hoping it would know what I needed.

Please understand, I LOVE Crystals! I share this with you, because far too often, I hear someone say that the crystal is not working for them. Or they read it would heal this or that and it is not doing its job.

Unfortunately, some of the very first books that came out, way back when, have programmed us to believe the crystals would cure us. If we read it, then it must be so, right? Some of the information may even be dangerous as it does not share handling or ingestion cautions.

I say, use the crystal book of your choice as a guide if you like, but make sure you have ALL of the information. That is part of taking responsibility for our own body, our own issues, and participating in our own healing.

When I offer crystal counseling, I often use the word “Aids” or “Eases” when speaking about how a crystal can assist someone. I do not say it will heal anything. I know that a lot of the healing process depends on many things~ first and foremost, how willing the person is to do ALL that it takes to heal, not just buy a crystal and expect it to do the work.

And yes, I do realize that there are some conditions that cannot be healed, yet some of the symptoms may be aided or eased with crystals. The participant still has to do the work. When I say “Do the work” I mean, again, to actively participate in any and all things that may aid or bring relief to the condition/illness and subsequent healing.

That is why, every time I am asked a crystal question or asked for a recommendation, I offer several crystals, how they can be utilized and what they can offer to the healing process as well as being there for follow up questions. Many times, the energy just does not resonate, so we talk about another that may feel/work better instead. Crystals are like prescriptions in a way. They may take effect immediately or may need time to fully incorporate into your unique energy vibration.

I KNOW crystals are an integral part in healing. I have worked with them (and they with me) for over 20 years now and have seen what can be accomplished. They cannot/will not do it alone and you should not expect them to.

You must choose to actively participate, whether it is in life, in relationships, or in your health. It is really all up to you.

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