Does Size Matter?

In a word, no.

The idea when using any crystal is to raise, move, stabilize, or ground one’s own energy.

Crystalline energy, as I understand it, is constant. A boulder has more surface space than a tumble, but in the end, the vibration is the same. Not to mention, it is easier to lay a tumbled stone on your Heart Chakra than it is a boulder.

Think of this. If you fill a glass half full with water, you have a half glass of H2O. If you continue to fill the glass to overflowing, you still just have H2O. The quantity may be increased, but the chemical energy, two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to a single oxygen atom, is the same and consistently so. If you freeze it, the structure may change, but it is still H2O.

If you put that same glass of water in a large, empty room, it is still the same glass of water. If you empty that glass of water on the floor in that same large room, it may cover more space, but it is still the same water. Still H2O.  If you put that glass of water in a box, same water. Spill the water in the box, same water, same H2O.

I am a scientist? No. That is pretty obvious. Is my example a bit elementary? Yes, probably. I may be oversimplifying things, sure, but it is a simple and understandable way for me to share what I believe to be true. Bigger, is not always better, or necessary.

What about quantity?

 I do often carry several tumbles, but not the same type. Instead, they are usually a variety of tumbles that can all aid in a specific intention. They work together, as a team.

The same goes for creating a grid. Do you need 12 Selenite tumbles in one grid? No necessarily. The energy is constant, no matter how many you cram in there. If you just like the number 12, then carry on 🙂

There are times when you may want more, if you are into that kind of thing. The bigger the better.  Diamonds, for instance. Most ladies will tell you that *wink*. But when it comes to using crystalline energies, keep it simple.  I cannot think of one example where more is necessarily a good thing.

For instance, more is not better for applications such as charging water or making elixirs. Not necessarily because of the quantity, but because of possible toxicity issues or the body’s reaction to the crystal itself. * See Crystal Cautions*

As always, do what feels best for you. Just remember, bigger is not always better, nor necessary.

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