Don’t touch my crystals!

There are a LOT of belief systems out there when it comes to crystals. You should program them, programming is not necessary. You should clean them this way or that. This way is the ONLY way to do it properly. I was taught this, no, my teacher said this. I have even heard the words “chastised” or “scolded” on occasion. People tend to parrot what they were taught, sometimes with anything from enthusiasm to the bullying intensity of a drill Sargent.

For me, when talking about crystals, stating anything as if it is THE law and there is no wiggle room or personal preference does not allow for growth or self empowerment. Especially when you are talking about a spiritual way of life or a metaphysical practice.

Earlier this year, I was reminded of a common crystal belief of many that has always confused me. I was in the local crystal shop when someone brought in a crystal for identification. Linda, the owner called me over and asked me to help. I held out my hand for the crystal (hard to ID if you can’t look at it up close) and the person refused, recoiling at the thought of me touching HER crystal. It was almost comical. “Oh, you should NEVER touch anyone else’s crystals!” she exclaimed.

Oi vay.

I want to share my thoughts on allowing others to hold my/your crystals.

I have always allowed people who come into my home to pick up any crystal they want. It has never crossed my mind NOT to let them! Neighbors, carpet cleaners, the plumber, his kids….. They are all immediately drawn to the display cases and ask lots of questions. I have no fear that anyone is going to harm my crystals or leave negative energy in them. I have never once even considered the possibility!

You see, I have always felt that crystals, rocks, minerals were created by Mother Earth. WE took them from her. WE did not ask permission. WE took them. So who am I to tell anyone that they cannot enjoy the beauty and intricacies of these crystals? Let’s face it, they really are not “mine”.

I think if Mother Earth could talk, she would say that yes, she did sacrifice these for the higher good, so that man could learn from them, work with them, and enjoy them. So to not allow someone else to touch them out of some fear we have created in our mind? to me, sounds VERY unreasonable and selfish.

Now that I have shared what I feel to be true for me, let me share some other ideas/fears/beliefs that I have heard over the years with you.

(1) If someone picks up or holds my crystal, they may leave their own energy behind!

Let’s break this down. Crystals are energy. They have very specific lattice like structures created during growth. These structures allow the energy to vibrate and transmit at specific frequencies. This is what is “sent out” to the holder, whether it be for a crystal healing session or sending this energy out to their energy bodies.

Crystals transform and/or transmute energy. I think whoever first stated that they “absorb” energy did a great disservice. The selection of this word, gives a visual of sucking someones energy (usually “bad”, “negative”, or “ill”) INTO the crystal, holding it there and in turn making the crystal heavy, dense, dark, etc.

Even in some of my earlier articles, I parroted the absorb theory because, at the time, this is what I had been taught as well. Today, I submit to you that the crystal in fact, does NOT absorb and hold this energy. WHAT????????

I believe the energy vibration of a crystal remains constant, the frequency does not change. The energy “absorbed” is actually transformed (cleaned up). In other words, that “bad” energy is changed when it comes in contact with the constant energy vibration of the crystal. Many times, the offending energy may be pulled away from the holder and sent into the universe to be cleared, scrubbed clean if you will.

Using this idea/theory, I would want people to feel free to hold my crystals all they want! Whether they know it or not, they are receiving a cleansing of sorts. This may be why they were drawn to it to begin with. Who am I to refuse someone who obviously needs this energy?

(2) OK, but WHY did the crystal feel or look differently after this person held it?

My first question would be, do you like this person? or dislike them? Sometimes our own judgments can cloud our energy.

Case in point. You have a group of women over for a monthly get together. You see that your friend brought Sally with her. You are NOT a fan of Sally for whatever reason. Personality clash, past history, whatever. As the women are schmoozing with each other, you see Sally go over to your altar and pick up a crystal. You freak out. You feel violated. As soon as the group leaves, you immediately cleanse the crystal to get Sally’s awful energy out of it.

I think in this particular example, it is not really about Sally at all, but about you not liking Sally and feeling she has degraded your crystal in some way.

Maybe, just maybe, that person was drawn to that crystal for a reason. Maybe, just maybe, they needed the energy healing the crystal provided. Maybe it was meant to be. Or else, why would your crystals be out in a common space of your home? See? there is often far more than we realize that is taking place. We should not be offended, we should be honored, don’t you think?

Have you ever seen one of those machines that chew up trees and bushes? The branches go in one way but when they come out, they are pulp?

Say the machine is your crystal. The branch is your friends “bad” or “unhealthy” energy. The crystal (machine) accepts the energy (tree branch) and transforms it (pulp). If you keep working the machine, eventually it may get tired or not work as well. That is, until you give it a tune up, oil its blades, clean it up a bit.

Crystals are the same way for me. I do not feel they hold anything in until they are cleansed. I feel that the energy may spike in the using then reduce in the transforming, thereby needing a nice cleanse and rejuvenation.

Not so subliminal messaging.

For me, even putting the words “bad”, “negative”, “ill”, etc out there creates that exact thing! To quote myself, “It is your fear, your idea of what negativity is and how it affects you (negatively, of course) that brings it into form and function. What you state (I NEED PROTECTION FROM NEGATIVITY), you create (NEGATIVITY). For without the essence of negativity, whatever you choose to believe it is, you would not need protection, see?”

Clearing Crystals

Yes. Absolutely. Clear your crystals when they are feeling less than top-notch. Clear your crystals if you use them in any healing modality. I agree with the idea of clearing after each session, before the next client is scheduled. I think that allows the crystal to have some time to regenerate and rejuvenate. The crystals energy vibration is put to use and needs a recharge. Just like your electric car needs to be plugged in after a trip. I do not believe it is because they have absorbed and held on to any energy.

Asking Permission

I believe asking permission is appropriate, however, we must realize some of these people who are not into crystals and do not understand your protocol may not pick them up out of disrespect, but because they simply do not realize your boundaries. If you are going to share that you prefer they not touch/pick up your crystals, then take a few minutes to explain why…..gently and compassionately. No huffing and puffing if god forbid someone picks up a crystal without understanding what they have done.

So to review, in my opinion (I think everyone should begin beliefs of any kind with those three words!)…..

I believe that Mother Earth has been kind enough to share, so why shouldn’t I?

I believe that allowing others to hold/touch my crystals is perfectly OK. They may NEED the energy and who am I to refuse them?

I believe that crystals transform/transmute energy. I do not believe they absorb energy and hold it.

I believe a “crystal tune up” is a good thing. You will intuitively know when that is.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thought processes with you. Having said all of this, I must remind you that you do not have to agree. You do not need to take me to task or try to convince me that your opinion is the right one.

However you feel, whatever you think to be true for you, is perfectly OK.

Remember my motto/mantra:“I believe there is no ONE right way. When it comes to working with your crystals there is YOUR way. Do what feels best for you. This is your intuition/higher self, guiding you. Become self- empowered! Do not be dissuaded by others who say there is only one way — there simply is not.” ~Kristi Hugs

Original article written by Kristi Hugs 2016 All Rights Reserved

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