Healerite™ is just a marketing name for Serpentine, nothing more.

This is one mineral with two different names! You see, one company who purchased this mineral from the miners decided to, as they often do, rename the piece and slap a ™ on it. Not only that, but they also raised the price. Many times more than others. That is their way.

Let me take a moment to set things straight. To be clear..Serpentine is the proper name/identification of this mineral. Healerite is a made up name, improper, false, fake……

This, is Serpentine. The miner/owner calls it Nobel Serpentine. It is located at the Wild Turkey Mine in NE Washington State in what is called the Magnesite Belt. This mine is owned and operated by Jim and Jennifer Sahli.

This green/yellow Serpentine has a unique color, “possibly an olivine rich peridotite metamorphosed to serpentine. Serpentine can include up to 16 minerals including magnesium, chromium, manganese, magnesite and calcite.” I do wish the miner’s would have it tested so that they could positively identify, but testing costs money and many do not have that option afforded to them.

Healerite ™ is the exact same mineral purchased from the exact same location and I would not be surprised if it was from the exact same people!

Understand, that anyone can slap a ™ on anything and call it their own. It is not necessary to legally trademark. It is, of course, advised, but not necessary. This is why so many of this particular companies names are trademarked.

To my point. If you purchase a 1.5″ x 2.5″ piece of raw Healerite™ on various websites, you can pay well over $90.

If you purchase the same sized piece of Noble Serpentine elsewhere? You are looking at $16, maybe more depending on grade, color, quality, etc. But that is A LOT LESS than the trademarked version, even if it is the exact same thing!

This is just one of many examples of greed and marketing to make a buck (or many!) So, as always, I suggest you exercise caution.

If you are not sure? Email me! I will check out the mineral in question and give you any information I can find.

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