Help! My Hematite Ring Broke!

Question: I purchased a Hematite Ring recently and was dismayed when it broke shortly after. Someone told me that I must have lots of energy to make the ring break like that! What do you think?

My Response: Everyone, at one time or another, has purchased an inexpensive (OK cheap at $1.00 to $1.99 a pop) Hematite Ring. It is a perfect grounding stone that you can wear on your finger or a necklace. It touches your skin, directly applying the energy of the Hematite to your energy field. Perfect! Right?

Perfect until it breaks. And for many folks, this is exactly what occurs. But why does it occur? Are the wearers supercharged with energy somehow? Well, yes…and no…and maybe 🙂

Just like many stabilized stones, Hematite Rings also fall into this category. The Hematite used for rings (and many stabilized tumbles) are usually made up from the fine-grained material that remains after more massive specimens are cut up and sold. These powders are put into a stabilizing solution, heated up and cooled forming blocks of material perfect for slabs, tumbles and yes, you guessed it, Rings.

Due to the stabilizing solution, these rings are not 100% Hematite.

Our bodies generate heat and cold due to a variety of factors. Many folks “run hot” (Wait til you hit menopause, you will understand). In other words, their body temperatures stay on the warm side. Other folks may find they have cold hands all the time. The temperature of our bodies will affect the ring itself.

This thin band of Hematite will draw heat to it (or cold). This softens the material and eventually, it will break. The same for cold. If it is warm around you, but your hands are quite cold, the change in temperatures (heat expands, cold contracts) will make the material more brittle, and again, it will break. So there is a reasonable, logical and somewhat scientific explanation.

Many, many years ago when I was just getting started in this new crystal journey, I purchased a Hematite ring at a local gem show. By the afternoon, it had broken in two pieces. I ran to the vendor to ask why. She told me that I must have some really powerful energy! Boy, I puffed up like a peacock! I mean, imagine, ME, having powerful energy!!!

My fall from “powerful energy” grace was swift. I was offered another explanation by a gentle, kind soul. I simply ran hot. She went on to explain to me for the first time, what I have shared with you above.

Now, do not get upset just yet. Because as I have grown in this field and have notched a few learning curves on my crystal belt, I have discovered that one explanation is not all that different than the other. We are all source energy, right? And energy produces heat. So……

For instance–When you do Reiki, or Crystal Healing, or some other form of energy work, does your body not heat up? I have heard time and time again how this has occurred. Do you tend to take on the energy of others without being conscious of it? Any excess energy (an infusion of energy from source, or others, that is in addition to your own, unique, energy vibration) will metaphysically “heat up” your body. So this too, could soften the material Hematite and cause it to break.

One thing is certain, no matter what explanation you are drawn to–Heat expands and in this case, softens a Hematite Ring causing it to break. Cold will contract, causing the material to become brittle and break. Either way, they are only a buck or two, so stock up.

Original article written by Kristi Hugs 2016 All Rights Reserved

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