My Promise

I was thinking today about what I can offer anyone learning about crystals. Yes, I have 20+ years experience. I am self taught and I continue to study each day. But I am not in this to promote anything or become an internet sensation. I am just a girl who loves crystals and wants to share.

I think what makes me different is that I offer information and then YOU choose what you want to do with it, if it resonates, or if something else feels better to you. I will never say there is only ONE way. I will never put you down for believing what you believe. I will NEVER say it is my way or the highway.

I have seen far too many beginners become discouraged because someone is telling them what or how to believe, telling them what crystals they need, not allowing them to go at their own pace or worse, telling them they are choosing the WRONG crystals.

I will never do that. I am here to walk WITH you. I will not call you silly names or condescend to you. If I do not know the answer, I will try to find it and share it freely. I will never tell you that what you feel is wrong.

If you do not agree with something I say or information I share, I will not tell you to hit the bricks and start walking. I will never insist you defend your statements and I am always opened to learning new things too!

I just know some stuff and am here to help if I can. I hope you will join in by commenting or asking questions, contact me if you want it to stay personal or join me on Facebook.

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