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No, it did NOT fly through space, at least, not how many want you to believe….

Someone asked me the other day about Moldavite. The folks who have been touting Moldavite as, “Star-born Star of Transformation” and “extraterrestrial” are really, REALLY stretching the limits of translation here. I am even going to suggest that it is misleading. I am also going to say, unequivocally, that what follows are my opinions and my feelings on the subject.

For me, it is just like China materials. Many vendors, who purport that their crystals are from Tibet, know how many consumers feel about the sanctity of Tibet, even though the crystals in question come from China or the China side of the Himalayas. It is a loose truth at best.

Many folks have a deep connection with the Universe, UFO’s, Extraterrestrials, etc. I suppose that the brilliant marketers felt it was best to leave out most of the truth, in order to touch the deep connection those folks have.

First of all, Moldavite does NOT come from outer space. At least, not how many have suggested.

It is not a meteorite that has taken a long journey through space finally landing here on earth. A lot of interpretative license was taken with Moldavite’s story. And while I may agree that Moldavite has some “out of this world” energy, it actually started here on Earth.

You see, Moldavite is classified as a tektite. A Tektite is actually a natural glass formed from a meteorite impact melting (vitrification) the local rock.

So, it is true that a meteorite hit earth, creating a huge crater. The terrestrial (earth) material was melted (vitrification) upon impact. It may possibly have been thrown up into and out of the atmosphere temporarily due to the impact. It then fell back down to the ground. That is what Moldavite is.

To say it flew through space from “out there” and eventually made its way to earth is not true. Moldavite’s journey was far shorter than others would have you believe.

Moldavite has always been a popular tektite. Unfortunately, many are afraid to purchase due to others irresponsible comments. I hear it time and time again. “If you are not ready for Moldavite energies, they will kick your butt.” or “Moldavite is much too strong for many people, so BEWARE!” or “Oh, you are NOT ready for Moldavite!”

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a strong believer in unique individual energy vibrations. No two folks are the same and they do not react to crystal, mineral or tektite energies in the same way. These comments put fear into many people and because of this fear, they never experience Moldavite for themselves. What an injustice!

If the Moldavite appears almost jelly-like with a glassy surface- it is obviously a fake. True Moldavite has a spiky to almost smooth appearance, but will never be as smooth as
cut glass.

If the Moldavite is the emerald green color of a beer or pop bottle- it is obviously a fake. True Moldavite is olive green in color. The lightness and darkness may vary, but the color,
not so much.

If the seller is shouting, “Rare! African Moldavite!”- it is obviously a fake. True Moldavite ONLY comes from the Czech Republic. NO Moldavite comes from Africa. Period.

If the Moldavite in question has seams, like it was poured and cut- it is obviously a fake. True Moldavite will not have seams.

If super large pieces (100 grams or more) are being touted as RARE!! and for thousands of dollars? Chances are, it is faked.

True Moldavite very rarely is found that large. Remember, it was melted at impact and thrown up into the atmosphere, raining back down onto the earth like droplets.

A couple of notes from Mike Eggleston, from Inner Vision Crystals, especially when purchasing Moldavite from sellers on eBay:

“99% of the Faceted Moldavite on eBay from Thailand and China is FAKE. Because of limited production in the Czech Republic and increased popularity of Moldavite the past few years Thailand & China / Hong Kong have been using a glass composite to manufacture fake Moldavite and flooding the online market – most of it is found on eBay.”

Want to know more? Mike Eggleston at Inner Vision Crystals specializes in Moldavite and has a wonderful write up about Fake Moldavite, complete with pictures and explanations. I highly recommend you visit this link. It is extremely educational!!

As always, I encourage you to study and educate yourself before making any crystal purchase. And do not be afraid to ask questions! You can gauge a lot about the crystal/mineral/tektite by the sellers response. I hope these tips will help you in your Moldavite education.

So, I have presented the facts as I know them. As always, this is for you to consider and make up
your own mind.


NOTE: There is no such thing as “White Moldavite” It is a marketing name for a low grade white Calcite.

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