Some crystals/minerals are very sensitive and soluble in water. I am listing the most common crystals found in the metaphysical community. There are others, like Acetamide that are water soluble and classified as a potentially carcinogenic substance. It also is a mild irritant. I do not see your favorite metaphysical Crystal Shop carrying such minerals.

It is best not to soak or clean these crystals using water:

  • Alum (Lab created)
  • Barite
  • Chalcanthite (usually lab created although there are real)
  • Cryolite (slightly soluble in water)
  • Gypsum (Selenite, Satin Spar)
  • Halite
  • Malachite (Slightly if water contains CO2)
  • Pyromorphite (Slightly soluble in carbonated water)
  • Sulfur
  • Turquoise

And while many crystals/minerals themselves may not be water soluble, the matrix material may be. For instance, Celestite crystals that are in matrix are only slightly soluble in water, but the matrix itself will often crumble.

Take care with crystals like Adamite that form in Limonite matrix as well as the matrix may crumble.

Many softer minerals (see Moh’s Hardness Scale) like Talc (1), Gypsum (2), and Calcite (3) may also be affected.

All of this information is taken from my book Crystal Basics 101 and is copyrighted. If you would like to use, feel free to Contact me for permission using the Contact Form link at the top of each page.

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