Ye Ming Zhu

You may know how I feel about fakes and forgeries. I am always digging for the truth As soon as I saw these green glowing pieces, my gut told me that Ye Ming Zhu was not on the up and up, so the investigation began.

I first spoke to several folks I trust on as well as posted my inquiry on the message-boards there about the Ye Ming Zhu (those green glowey “rocks” ).

I learned that these pieces actually HAD been tested (by others who felt as I did, that they were more fake than actual mineral) in the past. According to Jolyn, (the owner of mindat, and in my opinion one of THE experts in his field) shared this, “This stuff has been seen before and tested by various people. It’s some kind of rare-earth doped ceramic material – totally not natural and nothing to do with diamond structure! ”

OK, so my gut was right! Then the question became, What are Ye Ming Zhu? On most websites, they are described as a rare-earth element doped (meaning someone added even MORE of the rare earth element to the original rare earth element) ceramic or other material. You can see the original article I found on my search here:

Let’s start at the beginning: What is a rare earth element?

Rare earths are a series of chemical elements found in the Earth’s crust that are vital to many modern technologies, including consumer electronics, computers and networks, communications, clean energy, advanced transportation, health care, environmental mitigation, national defense, and many others.

Because of their unique magnetic, luminescent, and electrochemical properties, these elements help make many technologies perform with reduced weight, reduced emissions, and energy consumption; or give them greater efficiency, performance, miniaturization, speed, durability, and thermal stability.

So, we know after reading this article that rare earth elements are most often soft (meaning they can not be shaped by themselves), and they have luminescent properties.

Now, in all fairness, I did find this information, “After decades of research, three Chinese scientists learned how to alchemize the Rare Earths found in Ancient Ye Ming Zhu (primarily Lanthanum (La), Europium (Eu), and Dysprosium (Dy)) to create Modern Ye Ming Zhu. “

And here, they describe Archetypal Ye Ming Zhu as a glowing object (stone, plastic, polymer or other material) that lacks the authentic crystal structure of the “original”.

So how are Ye Ming Zhu created? The ongoing theory is that the original rare earth element material is too soft to shape into anything so it is usually in a powdered form. So MORE of the rare earth element is added to along with a  ceramic material, probably to stabilize, and it all comes together to make a slurry.

Shake and bake. Cool. It is then tumbled, sliced, shaped into spheres, etc. Of course I am not privy to the actual process, but I think something along these lines occurs.

In fact, I found a table that shares this information clearly and honestly. It says that it is created in a high tech lab. It spells all of the information out quite clearly even. Of course, I had to go digging past all of the foo foo to get here. But still, here it is, in the open, for all to see. Hmm, I feel a bit of my disdain disappearing. Just a little, mind you 🙂

Maybe there actually were some ancient pieces of something owned by Emperors long long ago that glowed. I wasn’t there so cannot dispute or prove otherwise. The pieces on the market today, I can say with some certainty are all lab grown/created with a really good story to accompany them.

And, as happened with another one of my “shake my head and sigh” crystals, Azeztulite (white, gold, pink fire, Himalayan Gold, Honey and Cream, Satyoloka, Saurolite and the list goes on and on and on and on..), this Ye Ming Zhu now comes in a variety! There is Ancient Ye Ming Zhu, Celestial Ye Ming Zhu, Authentic Ye Ming Zhu and Modern Ye Ming Zhu. Anyone else see a marketing madness here?

As always, it is up to you what to believe. I am all for individual thinking/beliefs/theories. I am not here to judge.

For me? I am not convinced of the energy or authenticity, so for now, I am putting these right up there with Andara “crystals” (fakey, fake, fake).

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