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Kristi is a 20+ year Crystal enthusiast, Author, and Artist. Here, at Crystals with Kristi, she will share her personal writings, research, opinions, and Crystal Speaks Sessions.

The website has “no copy” precautions since many of the articles are directly from my books and writings which are copyrighted through the US Copyright Office. If you would like to use an article or Crystal Speaks session, there are only two requirements. First, ask permission and second, you credit the author when using. I will be happy to share!

“I believe part of my journey is to support and encourage others. To teach self-empowerment, to show you the Divine within yourself, to find your unique crystal voice.” Kristi Hugs

What you will find here at Crystals with Kristi

Helpful Crystal Articles

On this website, you will find dozens of articles for every crystal lover, from the Crystal Basics 101 series, Common Crystal Misidentifications, Crystal Pronunciations, and more.


Kristi has been a self-published author since 2010. Her books include The Handy Little Crystal List Reference Guide, where you can quickly research and reference metaphysical shortlists or receive step-by-step instruction on How to Create your own Crystal Grids: A step-by-step Guide. The popular Crystal Basics 101, What Every Beginner Wants to Know is a simple, go-to book for any crystal lover, beginner or advanced.

Kristi is also the author of The Crystal Speaks Sessions: 150 Personal Crystal Conversations, Lessons and Teachings, where she shares 150 of her personal Crystal Speaks Sessions complete with pictures.

You can download PDF versions of these books directly from the website at any time. All books are priced under $10.

Crystal Speaks Sessions

Crystal Speaks sessions book

Kristi has been connecting and communicating with Crystals for many a year.

Her Crystal Speaks Sessions are highlighted here and on a number of websites, including MetaphysicalRealm1.com

She shares her unique perspective on the energy of a crystal through these sessions.

My Mantra

My mantra is a simple one, “I believe there is no ONE right way. When it comes to working with your crystals there is YOUR way. Do what feels best for you. This is your intuition/higher self, guiding you. Become self-empowered! Do not be dissuaded. While others may say there is only one way — there simply is not.” Kristi Hugs

I am available if you have questions, need clarification, or just want to say “hello”. I am always happy to share. Welcome to my Sacred Space!

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