About Kristi Hugs

My name is Kristi Hugs and I am a Crystal Teacher, Author, Artist and Guide . Self taught and in a constant state of study, I have worked with, taught and written about crystals for over 20+ years. I am here to share my personal connections, Crystal Speaks Sessions, articles and teachings. I have a simple and easy to understand methodology.

You may know me from MoonCave Crystals, my first online presence back in 2003. Since that time, I have put all of my focus up until now on reaching out to beginners so they can receive a firm foundation without being overwhelmed. Now? I am expanding my guidance to incorporate my art and writings as well.

Kristi Hugs Published Works

My first self published work was entitled The Gemstone Healing Guide, A Healing Apothecary (2005). The Handy Little Crystal List Reference Guide (2011) is the updated version of that first book. Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics (2013) was revised under the new title Crystal Basics 101 (2017).

In 2010 I created The Crystal Council Oracle Cards (2010) with crystal images and channeled messages, which are still popular to this day.

In addition I wrote Old Rocks, New Names: Synonyms, Trademark and Marketing Names for Old Favorites and New Finds (2016). Other books include, Crystal Speak-How I learned to communicate with my crystals and how you can too (2016) The Crystal Speaks Sessions I and The Crystal Speaks Sessions II (2017) and The Crystal Council Oracle (book version of the Crystal Council Oracle Cards) also in 2017.


“I believe there is no ONE right way. When it comes to working with your crystals there is YOUR way, do what feels best for you. This is your intuition/higher self, guiding you. Become self- empowered! Do not be dissuaded by others who say there is only one way — there simply is not.” Kristi Hugs

Kristi Hugs In the NOW moment

I live a quiet, simple lifestyle in Washington State with rescue kitty, Tesha, a few feral kitties, a family of raccoons, some deer and assorted other wildlife.

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