African Bloodstone vs Bloodstone vs Dragon Stone vs Dragon Blood

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I am writing this comparison piece to share the differences between these four similarly named minerals and their mineral combinations. Oftentimes, I see Dragon Stone being labeled as African Bloodstone, so a little clarity may be needed.

There are similarities. They all are types of chalcedony, which is a variety of quartz.SiO2 They all have green hues and they all have brick red to bright red spots. And two of the pieces come from Africa.

So let’s start with the first and most common—Bloodstone. This is a variety of dark green/greenish-blue chalcedony with small red blood-like spots (Jasper). Also called heliotrope.

Bloodstone tumbles

African Bloodstone is a unique combination of Clear Chalcedony (a variety of Quartz), Bloodstone, which is a dark to medium green chalcedony, and Pyrite. So it has three distinct things to look for. Patches of clear quartz, dark green bloodstone with red spotting, and golden flecks of pyrite.

The picture below shows clear quartz areas, red splotches, and sparkly golden pyrite.

African bloodstone pyramid

Dragon stone is also from Africa. It is also a combination stone consisting of Jasper (there is your Chalcedony), Epidote (which is a member of the Clinozoisite group) and Red Piemontite which is also a member of the Epidote Group ( This is the most recent report, however, there do seem to be some discussions ongoing).

In this picture, see how this stone is more of a yellow/green in color with brick red splotches?

Dragon stone from Africa

Do not get this confused with Septarian Nodule, who is also marketed under the name of Dragon Stone. That is a whole other conversation.

And lastly, we have Dragon’s Blood which comes from Australia. This particular Dragon’s Blood is a chrome rich fuchsite chert often confused with Dragon Stone from S. Africa

You can see the green fuchsite covering most of the slab along with the red areas (which would be Jasper I am presuming).

Dragons blood from Australia

So even if the descriptions may be helpful or more confusing, I think the pictures will really help to differentiate between them. What do you think? Can you see the differences?

Bloodstone tumbles picture courtesy of

African Bloodstone Pyramid by

Dragon Stone tumbles taken by Kristi Hugs

Dragon’s Blood Stone courtesy of

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