Anchi Crystals

NOTE: I do not mean nor intend to be disparaging here. Anyone can make up a good story and they often do. Please take note, after doing my own research I am sharing my personal conclusions here with you. If you feel differently? That is perfectly OK! As always, make up your own mind. Do your own research.

In 2015, I was asked about Anchi crystals. I had never heard of them, so decided to check it out.

Example of an Anchi Crystal
Anchi Crystal Example

What follows is this authors opinion ONLY. Make up your own mind.

They are technically not a fake nor a forgery. I am putting this under the category of Tall Tale. And I will say, after reading the website and its claims? I have serious doubts.

Their generalities on what the crystal is, along with a huge list of claims, just makes me shudder. They state that these pieces are found in only one place in the world and the “power is in the “physics”.

Asking for Clarification

Attempting to keep an open mind, I decided to email the owner of the website and ask about these claims. I requested a geological testing report to confirm exactly what were in these crystals. Her response was, sadly, exactly what I expected.

Kristi, We do not make available this information to the public. Thank you for your interest. Regards, Laurel Conrard

From the website, “Colors of the ANCHI Crystals represented: violet blues, purples, pinks, greens, bright yellow. The textures range from purple glitter, metallic rose bronze, white feathered formations, pinks sprays, lavender grey pearls, and vivid multi-colors. There are over fifty documented kinds of crystals including tourmalines, lepidolites, beryls, and topaz. As beautiful as they are, however, their real power lies in their physics.”

Final Thoughts

To be honest, most of these appear, to me,  to be Lepidolite in matrix, pink tourmaline w/lepidolite in matrix or just the matrix with no tourmaline left. They have written a great story but are not open to sharing the science of their claims (see above). What about their “physics” is so different to warrant such high pricing? We will never know.

My final determination? I will not be purchasing any. You will literally choke when you see the prices for such common materials. More important than that, I expect truth, honesty and integrity from people I purchase from. Not sharing simple information begs the question, what exactly are you hiding?

This is the perfect example of the stories/fairy tales vendors may create to get you to purchase from them. As always, it is up to you to make up your own mind. Be smart. Ask questions and do your research.

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