Aura Quartz & the metals that make them

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Aura quartz, you either love it or hate it. Many prefer their crystals to be without any enhancements. Others find beauty and joy in the rainbow colors and flashes.

aura quartz

I feel the aura process does not jumble, desecrate or destroy the original chemical creation/crystal lattice that is quartz. The aura process is simply creating an additional coating of color using various metals.

Think of it as putting on a new party dress to go out on a date or dancing with your friends.

Aura Quartz is usually created from natural Quartz crystals. They are then bonded with precious metal vapors to produce an iridescent sheen. The natural quartz is colorless and clear without the coating.

  • Angel Aura (platinum, silver)
  • Apple Aura (nickle)
  • Aqua Aura (gold)
  • Champagne Aura (gold and indium)
  • Cobalt Aura (cobalt)
  • Flame Aura (titanium, niobium)
  • Imperial Gold Quartz (Iron, Titanium, other trace minerals)
  • Indigo Aura (same as Tanzan Aura)
  • Magic Aura Quartz (??)
  • Opal Aura (platinum)
  • Opal Angel Aura (platinum, silver)
  • Pearl Aura (platinum, silver)
  • Pink Ombre (titanium) **Yet to be verified
  • Rainbow Aura (gold, titanium)
  • Raspberry Rose Aura (Layers of platinum, silver and gold)
  • Rose Aura (Layers of platinum, silver and gold)
  • Ruby Aura (platinum)
  • Sunshine Aura (gold and platinum)
  • Tangerine Aura /Tangerine Sun Aura (gold, iron)
  • Tanzan Aura (gold, niobium and indium)
  • Tanzanite Aura (same as Tanzan Aura)
  • Tanzine Aura (same as Tanzan Aura)
  • Titanium Aura (titanium, niobium)

NOTE: There are quite a few “new” aura quartz’s out there with no information other than “has been coated with precious metals”. When pressed, these sellers could not provide any further information or content.


  1. Thank you!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, a list of all the different aura’s and what metal is used to make them.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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