Blue Aragonite- Crystal Speaks Session

“Peace be with you..”

This comes to me as a gentle whisper in my ear. I had just returned from a rather snitty, upsetting conversation and plopped myself into my rocker, mindlessly picking up this blue Aragonite to give me comfort.

“Peace be with you..” I hear the whisper again. This time, realizing a Crystal Speaks Session was at hand.

Blue Aragonite immediately sends a wave of comfort and calm over my entire body. Not just the physical body– ALL BODIES.

There is something so soothing when your body, mind and soul relax into the arms of compassion. There is a feeling of safety and security here. It allows you the time to release emotions, allows tears to flow or to find silent solace.

Blue Aragonite will calm anxiety, soothe fears, ease frustrations and lift depression. The image I receive here is a figure being completely wrapped in angel wings. Loving, supportive, filled with compassion and empathy at the highest levels.

Work with Blue Aragonite when higher heart energies are needed. It is especially helpful when working to accept YOU as you are, increasing self esteem and feelings of self worth. You are part and parcel of the Divine Source (God, Goddess, creator, whatever you believe) created from Source, given a Divine spark of Source at creation. How can you be less than?

Blue Aragonite empowers you to speak from the higher heart, a place of integrity and truth, tempered with empathy and compassion. Do not be afraid to speak! The energy of blue Aragonite will aid in eloquent and honest speech. It will empower you to feel true empathy, be completely accepting and non judgmental. Often when we are speaking, these attributes are much needed.

Blue Aragonite is extremely patient and passes this energy on to you. Challenges and experiences that last over a period of time may weigh one down. Working with blue Aragonite reminds you to step back and breathe. Any thing worth doing is worth doing well, not stressed.

For parents, teachers and caretakers, for those who work with children/young adults/adults with daily challenges, be it autism, acting out, addiction, mental illness, memory issues, temper tantrums, acting out, etc blue Aragonite can enhance patience, a calm demeanor, and a gentle understanding to help provide loving guidance.

Blue Aragonite is like a cool breeze that runs over you on a dry, hot day. It has that instant soothing relief.

Blue Aragonite is a connection to not only your higher heart, but to your higher self, your higher guides, your angels and to Source itself.

Blue Aragonite also aids in the dream and dreaming states. It aids in receiving wisdom, answers and guidance AND remembering the information after waking.

When sitting in meditation, blue Aragonite can help to reach the state of “NO Monkey Mind”–a state of true peace and quiet.

Physically, blue Aragonite will aid in any issues from the 2nd Heart Chakra (located half way between the heart and the throat Chakras) through the crown and above.

Throat issues, ears, eyes, nose and head can all benefit from blue Aragonite. Tonsillitis, strep throat, sinus and allergies, headaches, itchy/watery eyes, stuffiness—all of these issues can be aided when using blue Aragonite.

Blue Aragonite will also break up any energy blockages in these areas. I placed my piece of blue Aragonite on my 2nd Heart Chakra and immediately felt movement in my throat area. I placed it on my heart chakra and felt movement in my throat again. Definitely worth exploring further!

I highly recommend carrying a piece of blue Aragonite in a pocket or pouch. I have found it helpful to just reach into my pocket when I am stressed and hold this crystal for just a minute or two which helps to soothe me and remind me to breathe. I do not think I will ever go without it.

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ALL Crystal Speaks Sessions are channeled and written by Kristi Hugs. They are legally copyrighted with the US Copyright Office from 2010 to current. ALL Rights Reserved.

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