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Using Crystals in the home

Question: I like to put crystals all over my home. A nice piece in every room. Sometimes the same stone in every room of the house. Does this actually benefit the energy of the room? I feel a difference, especially with black tourmaline. Sometimes I don’t feel anything. Just wondering if it helps.

Good Morning Pamela,

No matter what the crystal, I think it would benefit the room. Some crystals can help to balance the energy of the room, others will help to lift the energy by removing any dense or less than positive energies and so forth.

My thought on feeling a difference or not feeling a thing, really comes down to this: For me, if I feel something, the room is unbalanced in some way. That makes the feeling of it stronger and more obvious.

In a TV or game room for example there is a lot of energy. Not to mention the EMF’s pinging off of everything from the TV or game boxes but from the energy of the people watching or playing. Violent video games, manifest violent energies. TV shows (yes, even those zombie ones) are filled with bloodshed and violence while other shows make us laugh (which is another energy in itself). Quartz crystals, for instance, would not be a good match since they have a tendency to amplify energies. The black tourmaline you mentioned would work well in here. Pair it with some Rose Quartz to balance the room. They will help to scrub the room of the violent, rage inducing energies and bring the room back to center.

If after a bit, you walk in and feel nothing, then it is likely the crystals have done their job by moving out the unwanted,negative energies and clearing those energies from that space. Does that make sense?

If there are relationship issues, with a child or partner or parent, then there are very likely both arguments and supportive hugs. Right after an argument, there will be a change in energy. It could be anger, sadness, or it could be joy, elation, excitement.

I think it really depends on your intention for your home. Is balance what you are seeking? Do you want to fill your home with love, compassion, caring? See what I mean?

So, to answer your question, yes, I believe crystals will benefit any space. No, if the room is balanced, you may not feel a difference. More than likely, you will feel a difference if it is NOT in balance. Then, you can place crystals accordingly.

with love and crystal blessings, Kristi

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