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What makes Quartz that Color?

I am often asked to explain what makes Quartz a certain color. Let’s start with the basic Quartz, which is also called “Rock Quartz” or “Rock Crystal”. The chemical formula is SiO2, which is “science speak” for Silicon dioxide, also known as Silica. It has been around since ancient times. Silicon Dioxide is known for its hardness, scoring a 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale.

Quartz comes in a variety of colors including Purple, Rose, Red, Black, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue, and Orange.

The color is due to mineral impurities that are present when the crystal is in its formative stages.

Quartz, Rock Crystal

Clear quartz is also called rock crystal and is a transparent colorless variety of quartz. White or milky quartz is a semi-transparent to opaque white-colored variety of quartz.

Amethyst is a lilac to deep purple quartz that is colored by iron impurities. The range of color includes reddish-violet tints to pale or almost colorless shades, and deep, rich tones of pure violet.

Rose quartz is a pale to deep pink crystal colored by impurities including titanium, iron or manganese. Not everyone is in agreement as to what truly colors rose quartz and there are still tests being run. A mineral similar to Dumortierite is a possibility.

Morion smoky quartz
Morion Quartz

Smoky quartz occurs in nature when rock crystal quartz is exposed to natural radiation from radioactive elements or adjacent radioactive rocks over long periods of time. It can be a pale tan to black/brown.

Morion describes a NATURAL, unique smoky quartz that is very nearly black.

Blue Quartz

Red quartz is colored by hematite which is a type of iron oxide. You may have seen the red capped amethyst from Canada or the red quartz from Arizona.

Blue quartz is often colored by inclusions of fibrous magnesioriebeckite or crocidolite. Others are colored by Dumortierite.

tangerine quartz
Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine quartz is also colored by hematite /iron oxide, but in this case, it is a dusting on the OUTSIDE of the crystal, not within the crystal structure.

Citrine is colored by trace amounts of iron impurities within the crystal structure of quartz. (Natural, not heat treated. Heat treated citrine is actually amethyst).

greened amethyst
Heat Treated Chevron Amethyst often incorrectly ID’d as Prasiolite

The term “Prase” is simply a name to describe the leek green color any type of quartz. Prasiolite is a leek green crystal (rare) found in nature. It is more often produced artificially from violet amethyst or yellowish quartz by a combination of heat treatment and cobalt-60 or E-beam Gamma irradiation. It is also called Greened Amethyst.

Amegreen quartz is often described as a rare combination of amethyst, prasiolite and quartz. Since prasiolite is naturally a rare find, it is more likely that Amegreen is heat treated. The chevron variety is definitely Amethyst. Although prasiolite is typically accompanied by amethyst, the jury is still out on this one.”


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Crystal Clearing and Cleansing 101

Once I acquired my very first crystals, I read everything I could get my hands on about them. Purchasing was, of course, just the first step in many, according to the books I read. Each book reminded me that crystal clearing and cleansing was a necessary part of being their caretakers. And oh, how they ALL had different ideas and techniques to do so!! I was overwhelmed at the differences in opinions. Added to that, were the opinions of those I met who told me clearing crystals had to be done a certain way.

I did find out, usually by trial and error, what worked for me and what didn’t. One of my first purchased pieces was a lovely Rainbow Fluorite wand, which I immediately put on my dashboard altar of my car. I loved that wand! It even color coordinated with the car which was a lovely teal.

A few weeks later, I noticed my fluorite friend had faded in color and intensity. I went back to the books. Yes, they did say sunlight was excellent for cleansing stones, so why was my fluorite fading? I was devastated. (I later learned that Fluorite fades if put in direct sunlight).

More than a decade later, my fluorite friend is still with me, faded and worn, but truly loved. It taught me a very important lesson; just because you read something, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily hold true in every case.

Everyone needs a starting point and it is my intent that this information I am sharing here will provide you with a beginning. Each section will contain one cleaning/clearing method and detailed information on each. Take and use what information you will, leave the rest. Remember, common sense is key.

Crystal Cluster for clearing and cleansing

apophyllite crystal for clearing and cleansing

A nice sized crystal cluster or a large slab of Selenite is an excellent energy cleanser! Sit smaller crystals on a cluster or Selenite piece for a wonderful, easy, total cleanse.

They now make thick, smoothed Selenite charging “plates” in many sizes which are perfect for clearing/cleansing pretty much everything!

Crystals are energy and as energy, they cycle out those unneeded energies on their own, transmuting them to the positive LOVE energy of the Universe.  If you have many, as I do, just know that the crystals help each other to purge that energy that is no longer useful to them.



This is my chosen and most recommended modality for cleansing any crystal/mineral. The light of the moon will cleanse, without fading.  It does not scratch or dissolve any stone or crystal.  It is gentle and loving energy, much like a mother rocking a sleeping baby.  Leave your crystals out to soak up the positive energy and release any negative or dense energy is no longer needed.

Two Cautions:

First, if laying crystals outside on a large table or on the ground, cover with some kind of netting. Crows are infamous for taking sparkling pretties 🙂

Second, be aware of leaving your crystals outside in colder temperatures. Some may crack or disintegrate under damp conditions. The easy fix is to put them inside in a window that will let the moonlight through.

Sea Salt

sea salt for clearing and cleansing

This was my favorite cleansing/clearing method when I first began cleaning my crystals. Who wouldn’t like a nice bath, right? Dry or mixed in water, this seemed the perfect way to cleanse many crystals at one time.

I have since learned that a lot of crystals can actually be damaged due to a chemical reaction with the salt, which may change the appearance (looking scratched or as if the finish has been removed, etc.).

Many times pieces are coated with a high temperature wax (such as shoe polish).  Salt is corrosive, so putting these pieces in salt or salt water actually removes this coating, which gives the appearance of scratching, pitting or a flat finish.

I also learned that salt,“can actually weaken the energy amplifying ability of the quartz.”Dael Walker, The Crystal Healing Book (Currently out of publication. Check used book stores and websites for your copy. It is worth the read!)

Softer Crystals (1-5) on the Moh’s Hardness Scale (below in BOLD) should not be cleaned in a Salt Bath.

  • 1 Talc
  • 2 Gypsum
  • 3 Calcite
  • 4 Fluorite
  • 5 Apatite
  • 6 Orthoclase Feldspar
  • 7 Quartz
  • 8 Topaz
  • 9 Corundum
  • 10 Diamond

DO NOT use salt (wet or dry) for:

  • Angelite
  • Apatite
  • Calcite
  • Celestite (Celestine)
  • Hematite
  • Labradorite (often coated with wax, spray or other protectant)
  • Lapis Lazuli (often coated with wax, spray or other protectant)
  • Malachite (possible wax, acrylic spray coating)
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Selenite

Clearing and Cleansing by Smudging


Using sage, sweet grass or other smudging herb, simply light the sage (for example) and allow it to smoke in your bowl or abalone shell. You can either pass each stone over the smoke or use your sacred feather to “brush” the smoke over the stone.

Make sure to open a window while you are smudging in order to let the old, dense, negative energies and smoke to flow out of your sacred space. This is a non-invasive method for the crystals. It will not fade or discolor, dissolve or scratch.

If you or someone in your home is allergic to smoke, I do not recommend this method for cleaning/clearing your crystals. Try an alternative method like a Sage Spray.



I love music and harmonies. Cleansing crystals with sound has long been one of my favorites. It is not invasive (unless you are an opera singer hitting a super high note) and can be done at any time.

You can use Tuning Forks, a singing bowl (Crystal, Tibetan, etc.), the piano, bells or other musical instrument to move dense energies out of your crystals/minerals, leaving them clean, fresh and re-energized.


sun for clearing and cleansing

Sunshine is wonderful for many crystals. Clear rock crystal quartz especially love it. Putting many of your crystals out in the sun to cleanse is perfectly OK. There are things you should be aware of. For instance, it is highly suggested that you do not allow your crystals to sit in hot, direct sunlight.

Some crystals may fracture with sudden temperature changes or while under intense heat. Clarified quartz (treated spheres) generates increased heat, acting similar to a magnifying glass, which could be a fire hazard. Others will fade and depending on the species it could be only a matter of minutes, hours, or days).

Here is a list of crystals that are light sensitive:

  • Amazonite
  • Amethyst
  • Ametrine
  • Apatite (Pink)
  • Aquamarine
  • Barite (Blue)
  • Calcite
  • Celestite
  • Citrine
  • Danburite
  • Fluorapatite (Pink)
  • Fluorite
  • Halite, Blue
  • Realgar
  • Rose Quartz
  • Sodalite (Var. Hackmanite)
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Spodumene (Hiddenite, Kunzite)
  • Sulfur
  • Topaz (Brown, Sherry, Blue)
  • Tourmaline (Pink, Red)
  • Vanadinite
  • Zircon

These next crystals may darken when exposed to sunlight from as little as a few minutes to an extended period:

  • Barite (Some Barite turns blue when exposed to sunlight)
  • Cinnabar (possible if Antimony or halogens occur within the crystals).
  • Crocoite
  • Phosphovanadylite-Ca
  • Sodalite (Var. Hackmanite)
  • Vivianite
  • Any crystal that has been irradiated to change/intensify the color has a tendency to fade in sunlight. These would include:
  • Scapolite, Purple
  • Topaz
  • Some Tourmalines (Red, Pink)
  • Some Spodumenes (Hiddenite, Kunzite)

Enhydros (crystals with water bubbles trapped within the crystal itself) should never be left in the sun as they may explode or craze.  In short, liquid, heat, boil, boom.

Sulfur will fall apart under even a mild exposure to sunlight, and could melt under intense sunlight. Gaseous fumes (sulfur dioxide and trioxide) may also be released with exposure to intense sunlight, which could make you ill. Realgar, Orpiment, and many silver minerals will completely change under any light exposure in only a few minutes.



Try a simple visualization technique. Just sit the crystal down on a table, altar, desk, etc. and visualize ALL of the stored up energy you don’t want to be there, filling a balloon and flying away, or in your mind’s eye, see a mist moving out of the crystal and into the Universe to be transmuted into positive, love energy.

You can place your crystals under running tepid (NOT hot and NOT cold) water for a few minutes and visualizing the unneeded energy flowing down the drain. (Make sure they will not dissolve or be affected by water first).

Use pure water or spring water if you feel the chemicals in your water system would be harmful to the crystal.

Clearing and Cleansing with Water

water for clearing and cleansing

Some crystals/minerals are very sensitive and soluble in water. I am listing the most common crystals found in the metaphysical community. There are others, like Acetamide that are water soluble and classified as a potentially carcinogenic substance. It also is a mild irritant. I do not see your favorite metaphysical Crystal Shop carrying such minerals.

It is best not to soak or clean these crystals using water:

  • Alum (Lab created)
  • Barite
  • Chalcanthite (usually lab created although there are real)
  • Cryolite (slightly soluble in water)
  • Gypsum (Selenite, Satin Spar)
  • Halite
  • Malachite (Slightly if water contains CO2)
  • Pyromorphite (Slightly soluble in carbonated water)
  • Sulfur
  • Turquoise

And while many crystals/minerals themselves may not be water soluble, the matrix material may be. For instance, Celestite crystals that are in matrix are only slightly soluble in water, but the matrix itself will often crumble.

Take care with crystals like Adamite that form in Limonite matrix as well as the matrix may crumble.

Many softer minerals (see Moh’s Hardness Scale) like Talc (1), Gypsum (2), and Calcite (3) may also be affected.

All of this information and more can be found in my book Crystal Basics 101 or purchased on Amazon

Crystal Basics 101 is copyrighted at the US Copyright Office. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Do not copy or re-post without permission.

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crystals do not illicit fear people do

Crystals do not illicit fear, people do

“Crystals do not illicit fear, people do!” Many times when I say this, eyebrows raise and I receive a look of confusion. Let me explain.

I have often wondered why anyone would consciously want to illicit fear in another when speaking about crystals or crystal group? Is it ego? lack of crystal education? simply parroting what has been read without comprehension?

Moldavite is a perfect example. I hear it time and time again. “If you are not ready for Moldavite energies, they will kick your butt.” or “Moldavite is much too strong for many people, so BEWARE!” or “Oh, you are NOT ready for Moldavite!” “Moldavite has powerful ET energy. Be careful!”

In my younger days, I probably made the same kind of comment that I do not like to work with Moldavite because it makes me zingy. When in truth, it did not make me zingy at all. I had heard so many stories, that I got it in my head what I would feel before I even felt it! I also realized that I was scaring off many crystal newbies from ever experiencing the energies of Moldavite due to my own preconceived notions. How irresponsible of me!

You should never………

I bet you have heard at least one or two of these:

You should NEVER sleep with……..(insert crystal name here)
You should NEVER place Male crystals in your bedroom (or wherever you sleep).
You should NEVER work with…….(insert crystal name here) unless you are experienced
You should NEVER store your crystals in plastic! (can’t you just see the 50 or so folks who read that at the same time going into fear and throwing out all of their plastic?)
You should NEVER….

Every time someone says, “You should NEVER..” it manifests fear, fear, fear.

First of all, please do not listen to anyone else’s “NEVERS” and fears. I do not care how experienced they are. Allow yourself to have YOUR experience.

Energy is Unique, it is nothing to fear

We each have our own unique energy vibration/frequency. We are drawn to what we are drawn to because our energy vibration/frequency is connecting with the energy vibration/frequency of that particular crystal/mineral/stone/rock. Listen to your connection, not to anyone else. They can only tell you of their experience. You are not them.

If someone is going to tell you that you should NEVER…..ask for an explanation as to why. A plausible, understandable explanation. There is always a simple, plausible explanation. To have someone say, NEVER and then not be able to explain why? is irresponsible.

Teaching and sharing carries with it an obligation of responsibility. Fear is powerful. Why would anyone want to scare a newcomer right off the bat? Not just for crystals, but for anyone learning something new.

Yes, OK. If you are training a new plant worker, telling them to NEVER stick their hand in the shredder machine or it can take their hand off is valuable advice. That is common sense and the new worker will be happy for the information, especially if they have no common sense of their own.

But we are not talking about shredding hands here. We are talking about an energy exchange. Something that is not often seen, but felt. Part of the process is learning how to recognize and understand your own energies and how you connect with other energies. That is the process of self empowerment.

Fear is energy too!

We, as crystal advocates, should understand this and not put the fear out there. Fear is energy too! And it is an irresponsible way to teach.

Much of what we read, we parrot/mimic to others without any understanding of the actual words. So we share the information, with nothing more than the words we read. No reason, no explanation. We are passing on fear with no good reason. What is there to be accomplished in doing that?

Secondly, there may be certain things in the crystal world where education is helpful. It is not there to invoke fear but knowledge.

There are exceptions to the NEVER rule. For instance, there are certain crystals that contain minerals that may be toxic if ingested. There may be certain clearing methods that may damage your crystal. These are things you may want more information on. And it can be provided easily!

There is a reasonable, plausible, educational and many times measurable scientific explanation. There should not be any drama or dramatic story. It is not necessary.

Even with salt clearing, I will tell you WHY I feel it is not a good idea. I will share proof and provide as much information as I have available, for you to make an informed choice. I will NOT put the fear of anything into you.

Research more, fear less

A photograph was flying around Facebook. A person had a tattoo where cinnabar was used for coloring. Cinnabar is toxic, meaning, if you were educated in the toxicity of crystals and minerals, you would not have even considered using Cinnabar as a coloring agent. You would not want to handle this for very long and you would want to wash your hands before touching them to your face or eyes. I found this out because I researched first. I educated myself. And you can too.

So let’s go back to that person who had a horribly disfigured arm. Are you in fear? or are you happy to have this information so you can make an informed and educated choice? I bet the person who had the tattoo would have made a different choice.

Do you see the difference in having knowledge and letting others tell you NEVER due to their own fears/egos/parroting?

In summary..

You have a unique vibration/frequency which is unlike any other. Telling you what you should feel (because this is what someone else feels) is doing you a great disservice. The seed has already been planted in your mind as to what you should feel. And if you don’t feel that? Who do you get upset and frustrated with? YOU! Not the person who spread the fear based information.

So if you want a piece of Moldavite, then by all means go get one! Allow yourself to be in control. Not someone else’s fear.

There are a lot of good folks out there, sharing crystal information. They offer the information without fear or fear based warnings. I believe most all of them (me included) are here to nurture your crystal growth in all areas. Fear simply does not need to be a part of it. Don’t let it be for you.

Original article written by Kristi Hugs 2016 All Rights Reserved

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Numerology, Vibrations and Crystals

Way back, long ago when I started my crystal journey, I read all of the books written by “experts” in the field. I used these books as reference books, books to guide me, books to teach me. As I learned and grew and immersed myself into the metaphysical crystal world I shared the information with others in the form of articles, videos and classes. I found out soon enough that true knowledge is more than just believing a concept. It is more than sharing and parroting that concept. To truly learn, you must look to various sources, LOTS of sources in order to get factual information as well as the metaphysical information. Numerology, crystals and vibrations was one of my greatest and hardest lessons early on.

I learned this the hard way.

I had a couple of friends who were into numerology, so the numerological vibration given to crystals fascinated me. Definitely not a math wiz in school, but using numerology, I had a way to learn more about myself, and let’s face it, who does not want to hear/learn about themselves? I was so impressed with the information, that I made a video about it, showing people how they could figure out the numerological vibration of any crystal themselves.

The Numerology Table

I used the information in Love is in the Earth by Melody as I considered her the expert of the time. Here is the chart she shared:


Within hours of posting my video sharing this information, I was besieged with comments telling me how very WRONG I was. Some were kind but most were quite rude and/or cruel. A popular crystal site “teacher” even got in on the action. She was not kind. I was petrified and very hurt, I took the video down right away and asked others I had shared it with to do the same.

And I was embarrassed. I believed in a concept a highly regarded “expert” in the field had written in her book and took it to be truth and did what most newbies do. I believed this information to be proven fact. And it was…..sort of. But to believe anything without research or communication or clarity does not help us, it hurts us.

Research, Research, Research

How many times have you been led to believe that a crystal purchase you made was a specific crystal and when you got home you found out it was not what you were told it was? How you may have kicked and reprimanded yourself by saying, “I should have asked more questions or I should have asked for a second opinion or I should have asked my crystal guide”. You feel misled and upset.

Don’t beat yourself up. We have all done it. Hopefully, the next time, we will know better. That is why, I feel it is so important to never believe blindly. Go that extra step! Ask someone you trust and respect. Read more, research more. Don’t do what I did. How silly I was!

Why using Numerology is misleading

Now, let me tell you why this “Numerical Vibration” concept is so misleading in my experience. Let’s look at Fluorite. Yes, this is the proper spelling of the name. It has been designated the Numerical Vibration of 7 in Melody’s book.

But what about different languages? in the case of some minerals, there may be several synonyms. What about trademarked names versus the actual geological name?

Let’s look at Fluorite. By itself, Fluorite, numerologically, it is a 7.

Add in colors and you get even more numbers–green fluorite, blue fluorite, rainbow fluorite.

Fluorite in French is fluorine with a vibration of 1 and yet, it is the same crystal.

In Spanish, it is fluorita with a numerological vibration of 3 and yet, again, it is the same crystal.

In Swedish it is flusspat and carries the numerological vibration of 6 and yes, yet again, it is the exact same crystal.

And what about Girasol? who has a “new” name, Metamorphosis Quartz. Or Indigo Gabbro, who is often given the “new” name, Merlinite? Or Mystic Merlinite?

In Summary

So, as you can see, to try to blanket a single crystal with one numerical vibration is impossible and, in my mind, a bit irresponsible as well. All beginners look up to the experts. Who else do you learn from? You learn from those who know the things you want to know. Someone who has years of experience, someone who has studied in that field before practicing in it.

A much more accurate way, for me, is to begin with color. It is not fool proof of course, but it gives us a simple way to understand energy. More on that later.

I have always encouraged questions and research. It is also why I encourage you to not just “parrot” or “mimic” what you have heard from others. Do the work; make sure you feel the information to be true for you. The only way to do that is to go past the book and into further study. And above all? Ask questions!

If you still believe that Numerical Vibrations have merit, then that is OK too! At least now,you have the full story, not just something out of a book so you can make an informed choice/decision on how to proceed. Don’t be a sheeple and follow blindly.

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Buying your first Crystals

When buying your first crystals, you need to start at the beginning–with energy. Everything is energy. The body we inhabit, the emotions we feel, the physical sensations of taste and smell, touch and sound, are all different ways to experience energy.

Energy is vibratory in nature and we each have our own unique vibrational frequency. This frequency may shift or change depending on where we are at that particular moment. This is very important to understand.

Why? As a beginner, it is natural to ask others opinions, thoughts and suggestions. It is important to listen and absorb. It is important to read books, study and research. But what is MOST important when it comes to buying your first crystals is that you understand your own personal vibrational frequency.

My what?

Visualize a thermometer. Just holding the thermometer, the mercury appears to be pretty centered. Put that thermometer in ice-cold water and the temperature is lowered dramatically. You can visually see the mercury level drop. Stick the thermometer into a heat source and the mercury climbs higher and higher.

The same type of occurrence happens with the energy shifts in your frequency/vibration.

For instance, if you are hurt or ill, your vibrational frequency lowers. You may say you feel, “blue” “drained” or “down”. If you get that job you wanted or receive a well-deserved complement, your vibrational frequency raises. You may say you feel “in the pink”, “high” or “up”. This is simply energy at work.

So using this basic information, Say that you want to raise your vibration so that you can meditate effortlessly. You would choose a crystal with a higher vibrational frequency, so that by holding it, it would raise your energy vibration, making it easier to get to that meditation space that you want to be in.

Now say you are having a most overwhelming day. Maybe you are pinging all over the place and accomplishing nothing. There is no focus. In this case, you would want to choose a stone with a lower vibrational frequency from your own—to pull your energy down a bit, one to ground and balance you. Something that will allow you to be centered and focused.

Practice tuning in to your own unique energy vibration during different experiences throughout your day. Soon you will be able to identify the shifts in your energy. This is the first component you will need to be familiar with when choosing crystals/stones.

A note here: Do not beat yourself up, judge yourself, or compare your experiences to others. Sometimes, being able to identify ones own energy vibration takes practice. This is your personal journey, so proceed at your own pace.

Intuition when buying crystals

What pulls a person towards a certain crystal? It may be sparkly or a certain color. It may be that they are attracted to natural pieces versus polished ones. To hear an exclamation of, “Ohhhhhhhh, pretty!!!!!!” gives me pause to smile. Why? This is intuition at its finest!

We all are naturally provided with this tool called Intuition. It can be invaluable when choosing stones or crystals to assist you with answers you seek or an issue you are currently experiencing. It is THE best tool, in my opinion, to have at your disposal and it is totally free!

Each person resonates at their own unique energy frequency and are naturally drawn to certain stones based on where they are at that particular moment in time. For instance, while one may be strongly drawn to Kyanite, another may feel nothing. While both may want to use Kyanite to assist in meditation, reaching their highest guides, working on throat chakra issues, etc., it may not resonate for both.

I truly believe that tuning in and really listening to ones intuition assists that person in making the absolute correct choice for him or herself at that time.

Anyone that has asked for my crystal suggestions on a specific issue they are facing will always be presented with several options and the suggestion that they look at each piece I have offered and see what resonates for THEM.

It is my belief that no stone works exactly the same for every person. Each person and their vibrational energy are different at any given time. There are always exceptions. But the principle of energy is always constant. We are always energy.

A word about Books

OK, so you do not think you are tuned in to your intuition just yet? Fact is, you are. You just may not recognize it as such yet. In that case, books can be very helpful. There are hundreds of books out there, all sharing information, pictures for identification, and metaphysical properties.

When I first began working with crystals over a two decades ago, I did what pretty much everyone does. I got the most recommended book, read each entry and wrote down all of the stones I thought would benefit me. The list was, of course, HUGE.

Once I was able to understand my energy vibration and listen to my intuition, I have come to a personal conclusion. All books that list metaphysical properties, list them in a very general way. Similar to the astrological reports you may see in the Sunday paper. The report for an Aries does not take specific and personal information (birth date, birth time, birth location) into consideration, but will give a very general overview for all the Aries out there.

Metaphysical properties are the exact same way. Remember the example above with the two folks who both wanted to use Kyanite? Both may read the book and believe Kyanite will work for them, but one resonates while the other does not.

I was taught to walk around my favorite crystal shop simply browsing, to see what caught my eye. When I found a piece that I was drawn to, I should pick it up and hold it for a bit, THEN, if I needed the validation, I could go to a book and check out the metaphysical properties.

I offer the same advice to those I teach. Chances are? If you use this process? the crystal you choose will be exactly what you were looking for.

Buying Crystals using Chakras and Color

Chakras are energy centers within in the body. There are hundreds that spin and maintain our body’s energy input and output.

When beginning to communicate with stones and crystals a simple rule of thumb is to remember the chakras and the corresponding colors. It’s simple, and no big, heavy books to tote around. Go with a color that corresponds with the issue you are currently working to resolve.

  • Trying to get pregnant? Try some Carnelian (Red/Orange-Root Chakra/Sacral Chakra).
  • Dealing with some heavy emotional issues? Citrine (Yellow-Solar Plexus)
  • Communication issues? Try some Sodalite (Blue-Throat Chakra).

Let’s use the examples from earlier: Say that I want to raise my vibration so that I can meditate effortlessly. I would choose a stone with a higher vibrational frequency, so that by holding it, it would raise my own energy vibration, making it easier to get to that meditation space that I want to be in. Higher vibrational crystals would include those in the color range of greens, blues, turquoise to teal, purples, whites, golds and pinks.

Now say I am having a most overwhelming day. I am pinging all over the place and accomplishing nothing. There is no staying focused on any one task. In this case, I would want to choose a stone with a lower vibrational frequency from my own—to pull my energy down a bit, one to ground and balance me. Something that will allow me to focus. Grounding and/or balancing crystals would include reds, oranges, yellows, blacks and browns.

Simple way to remember—
Grounding to Earth.
Raising to Sky.

A few simple Guidelines for buyers AND sellers:

Crystal Seller: Take time and really listen to what the buyer has to say. Everyone has a story to tell and the story is just as important in giving clues to what is really needed.

Crystal Buyer: Take time to listen to the inner you (higher self), your intuition. Never discount what you feel or hear.

Crystal Seller: I have never told a customer that a particular stone they have chosen is “wrong”. I sometimes gently suggest others that may work well with the stone they have chosen, but will never second-guess the customer. Remember, we all work on very personal energy frequencies.

Crystal Buyer: It is important not to be talked into anything that you truly do not resonate with. You know better than anyone what is needed. Your intuition will guide you to choose a stone/crystal/rock with the exact frequency you need so no matter which stone/crystal/rock you choose, it is your vibrational frequency and your intent that will work in concert with the stone/crystal/rock to achieve your goal.

So go have fun exploring the world of crystals!! Enjoy the process, trust your intuition and before long, you will have a variety of crystal companions to assist you with whatever issues you are working on.

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Breaking down Ferruginous Quartz

Ferruginous Quartz. Not a very pretty name. It does not illicit gasps of joy. No one is running out to buy it. Well…………wait a minute!

You probably have a hematoid quartz in your collection. How about a Harlequin Quartz? Fire Quartz? Red Quartz?   Then what you technically have…… Ferruginous Quartz.

So let’s start at the beginning

Ferruginous is defined as : of, relating to, or containing iron 2: resembling iron rust in color

Quartz is defined as: a mineral consisting of silicon dioxide occurring in colorless and transparent or colored hexagonal crystals or in crystalline masses

From we learn that, “Ferruginous Quartz is a macrocrystalline type of quartz that is more or less evenly colored in yellow, red, or brown tones by inclusions of iron compounds, usually iron oxides (hematite) and hydrous iron oxides (limonite or inclusions of goethite can cause a deep yellow color,).”

There are several combinations that can make up a Ferruginous Quartz. Inclusions may include ONLY hematite (red to dark red brown), ONLY Limonite or a Goethite/Limonite combination (mustard to yellow) OR combinations of hematite/limonite  or hematite/limonite/goethite. There also may be a load of trace minerals, but that is another story for another day.

The red combinations (blood red, brown red, orange red) are most likely Hematite inclusions. These are a variety of Ferruginous Quartz. Hematite has a wide range of colors, depending on the intensity of the iron oxides present, which can include rust red, blood red, orange/red, reddish brown and black.


limonite in quartz
Limonite included in Quartz

The more golden colored crystals, polished shapes or tumbles are more likely colored by Limonite/Goethite inclusions. These are a variety of Ferruginous Quartz. Limonite has a wide range of colors, depending on the intensity of hydrous iron oxides present, which can include yellow-brown, light brown to brown.

In my research, I found a large number of crystal selling sites that ID’d all of their ferruginous quartz as Hematoid quartz. Or would use the names interchangeably on pieces that obviously were not the same. This mislabeling does such a great disservice to buyers.

In fact, I found so many specimens that were the same but with different names, that I thought I would start my own “cheat sheet”.

Cheat Sheet

fire quartz
“Fire Quartz”

“Fire Quartz” is a marketing name for any bright red, hematite included Quartz. Also called Red Quartz, or Hematoid Quartz. It is a variety of Ferruginous Quartz.

Also included under the umbrella of Ferruginous or Hematoid quartz would be any phantoms of Hematite included in quartz. They can range in color from the bright orange phantoms from Namibia to the blood-red phantoms from Orange River, Africa to the red tipped Amethyst from Thunder Bay, Canada. These are all phantomed quartz’s and would most accurately be defined as Quartz with hematite inclusions, Hematoid Quartz (or in the Thunder Bay specimens, Quartz Var. Amethyst with hematite inclusions) or simply Ferruginous Quartz.

harlequin quartz
Harlequin Quartz

 “Harlequin Quartz” (trade name or marketing name) is defined as a quartz crystal with inclusions of Hematite and Lepidocrosite. Usually, this will normally have more dots or “strings” included in the Quartz. While there are inclusions of Hematite, I would not consider this Fire Quartz (although many sellers lump these two names together) as there is may be the additional inclusion of Lepidocrosite.

Would it still be considered Hematoid Quartz? Ferruginous Quartz?  Technically, yes.

specular hematite
Specular Hematite

 Specularite or Specular Hematite is not the same at all, although it is used interchangeably or suggested it is a synonym of Hematoid Quartz on many sites.  Specular Hematite is the sparkly black variety you may see in free forms. They grow on the OUTSIDE of quartz. They are not an inclusion IN quartz. Many of the Specular Hematite pieces I have seen in the past are usually coated with a thick layer of clear resin because of the fragility of the pieces. There are also many specimens that are naturally occurring.

Tangerine quartz
Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz is a quartz point with an OUTER layer/dusting of Hematite. Most often, it is a light to medium Orange color (hence the marketing name “Tangerine”) but it can also be a mustard to yellow. If put into an acid bath or tumbled, this orange color will be removed.

Pink Lemurians also have an outer dusting of Hematite. Since it is not an inclusion, I would not include it under the umbrella of Ferruginous Quartz. However, many sites I went to, called it Hematoid Quartz.

golden healer
Golden Healer

Golden Healers are defined as a crystal or crystal cluster with an iron oxide coating under or in between layers of crystal. Colors will range from a pale champagne to lemon to darker mustard to tangerine. These crystals can (but not always) have a greasy like, transparent coating, which may show a surprising rainbow or two when turned under a light source.

Unlike Tangerine or Limonite stained Quartz, which has a dusting or staining on the outside, the Golden Healer will not be affected by an acid bath due to the coating being “protected” by a thin layer or layers of crystal growth.


For the record? not everything that is quartz and golden is a golden healer. However, it seems the crystal shops and sites want you to believe that they are. I have seen heat-treated crystals called Golden Healers, I have seen Goethite included specimens and tumbles, called “Golden Healers”. It seems that anything these days can be called a golden healer if it is gold, be it lab enhance or otherwise. I even saw one online shop that was calling golden calcite/honey calcite by the name “Golden Healer”. When will the madness stop!!??!?!

And, golden healers are more likely limonite, goethite or a combination of the two. Remember, these inclusions cause a golden to mustard yellow color, not the red tints of Hematite.

If we are going to be true in our representation of crystals and minerals that we sell, we need to be educated and responsible for how we sell them.

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