Charging Water 101

You may have heard of the practice of charging or infusing water with crystals/crystal energy, right? But what exactly does that mean?

Let’s start with water basics. Positive ions in air molecules are a type of electric charge that is harmful to your health. Places that are heavily polluted or that have been closed for a long time without air are heavy with these positive ions. Negative ions are more beneficial for your health.

Using crystals to structure water will charge it with negative ions, which makes the water healthier as well as the body that ingests it. Understanding the different crystals/minerals and how they can affect water is the first step in charging water or making elixirs.

Clear Quartz Crystal Points are perfect for this purpose. You can always find just the right size and shape to charge your water with amazing energy. Choosing Quartz points eliminate any concerns you may have about other minerals that may contain toxins. Quartz can also be programmed with your intention to additionally add to the energy vibration.

Let me share my process when charging water.


The very first step is to sit down and begin the process by choosing your intent.

This intent should be short, sweet and clear. A simple, straightforward intent gives the charged water a specific energy.

Too many intents or using to many crystals, often gives the charged water a more chaotic energy. (Kind of a “too many cooks in the kitchen” feel).

Choosing your crystals

Once you have chosen your intent, you will want to choose the crystal(s) you feel will best represent your intent, both spiritually and energetically.

You can select by using nothing more than your gut feeling (intuition) or select from a list of crystals for your specific intent. There are several books that can help you choose as well. Still not sure? I am always happy and available to help.

What’s next? There is one more step to complete before you begin making any elixir or charging any water. You will want to double check for safety as well as possible toxicity.

**The main reason I recommend Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine (Natural) Quartz or Smoky Quartz is because there is no toxicity issues to worry about.**

Crystals containing Copper or Lead, such as Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Galena, Chalcopyrite, Smithsonite or Dioptase (to name a few) are not recommended to put directly into the water itself.

I have provided an extensive list of Crystal Cautions for FREE Download here.

Other crystals will break down when immersed in water. Halite, for example, is simply a salt crystal and will dissolve. Hematite will rust (oxidize) with prolonged exposure to water or air. In raw form, Tremolite, Actinolite, or Tiger Eye contain fibrous asbestos that would not be conducive to charging water or making elixirs.

Checking for toxicity is also a good idea if you have chosen to use several stones in combination, since there may be a possibility of elemental reactions between the stones.

Does this mean you cannot utilize Chrysocolla at all? Absolutely not! I will show you an alternative set up for using crystals that are not recommended to drop directly into the water a bit later.

The Process

Wash the crystal(s) if they are safe to wash (and not dissolve) to be used in this process in tepid water and allow them to air dry. Water that is too cold or too hot may damage the crystal.

I suggest using single quartz points (clear, amethyst, citrine, etc.) or tumbled quartz stones. Many other minerals may break down, causing ingestion concerns.

I prefer using a glass container. I do not recommend using plastic for this or any other purpose. This is my personal opinion. Others may prefer plastic. Just not me.

Plastic can leach out harmful chemicals and are bad for the environment. Sun Tea Jars or glass pitchers work great! Fill the container with filtered or pure water.

Some city tap waters may have minerals and chemicals that react with the crystals, so it is best to filter it first. Distilled water can be used as a substitute. If that is too much of a hassle, simply use the safest option you have available.

Add the stone or crystal you have selected to your glass container of water and allow the water to sit for 24 hours. My favorite method is to sit the container outside for a total of 24 hours where it will get a good dose of sunshine and a full dose of moonbeams. Note: If it is too cold or too hot outside, simply sit your container in a window inside in direct line with the sun/ moon.

It is always prudent to cover the top of the container to keep dust, bugs and other contaminants (seen AND unseen) out of your water, especially if you are sitting it outside to bask under the moon or soak in the sun. Parchment paper, a glass top or clear wrap will do the trick.

To further enhance the infusion process, try adding multiple crystal points. Place one crystal within the glass container and then lay six more crystals, with points facing the container, outside around the container in a circle. This makes a total of 7 crystals, which is a sacred number that adds even more to the overall process.

What About those “Toxic” Crystals??

It is not always necessary to submerge the crystals directly INTO the water, especially if they are softer pieces or pieces that may be toxic. You can still charge your water. The method is slightly different, that’s all.

Place these stones or crystals into an empty, tightly sealed glass container, like a baby food jar or a canning jar.

Adding some Quartz tumbles to the jar will help to weigh the jar down so it will stay on the bottom of the pitcher.

Then place the tightly sealed container inside of the pitcher of water. For me, it is best that the water NOT cover the jar completely. You never know what chemicals are present in a metal top. Proceed with your charging method of choice for the next 24 to 48 hours.

If you prefer not to place your stones inside of a jar that is inside of your water, try this next method instead.

Put a quartz point directly into your water and place 6 stones of your choice around the outside of the pitcher. Soak in this manner for 24 to 48 hours.

Before utilizing my charged water, I remove all of the stones, except the quartz point. It stays for the duration.

How to Use your Charged Water

If you are using a number of stones or tumbles, I recommend using one part charged water to two parts filtered water for drinking and multi-purpose applications to start. Some drink the charged water without diluting. Others have reported having reactions, so as with all things, start slow and work your way up to a level that is comfortable for you.

Again, if you are using only quartz points? Full strength is just fine. I keep a quartz point in my filtered water consistently, taking it out once a month to wash and clear.

  • Use your charged water for cooking or making coffee.
  • Charge water using crystals that are good for the skin. (Amethyst can help to clear up skin issues, etc.). Use the water to wash and rinse your face.
  • Add some Jasper or Blue Lace Agate charged water to your bath to melt your stress away.
  • Drink Smoky Quartz charged water for a detoxing ritual.
  • Drink Quartz charged water for energy and clarity.
  • Add some Quartz charged water to your animals’ drinking water. DO NOT put the crystal INTO the drinking water. Animals, like babies, will put anything in their mouths so remove that temptation.

Don’t forget your Plants!

On the first day of Spring, when I plant my seeds inside in their organic potting soil mix in their little organic seed cups, I sit the seed cups on a bed of quartz. That’s right! I pour in a pound or so of small quartz points (or you could use Quartz tumbles) into the tray where all of the seed cups will spend the next 3-4 weeks.

I also water the seed cups from the bottom, by adding the water to the tray itself (with all that yummy quartz) and allow each seed cup to drink what it wants. Recycling your pets’ drinking water is good for this.

When I plant outside, I add four quartz points (two points up and two points down) to each container or toss some tumbled quartz into a bed of flowers or herbs. I even add tumbled quartz to my outdoor (and indoor) water fountains.

I also have various crystal clusters that are placed around my serenity garden to infuse the entire space, plants and all!

  • Clear Quartz is my absolute favorite to use when working with plants.
  • Sphene (Titanite) will stimulate the growth of plants.
  • Lemurian Quartz is often used for plant healing. I have been known to plant several Lemurian Quartz vertically in both my potted plants and my garden.
  • Mtorolite (a green Chalcedony) is a natural support stone for all practices involving homeopathy and plant cultivation.
  • Stibnite helps to increase understanding of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms.
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