Creating your Sacred Space

What exactly IS a Sacred Space?

For me, it is a place where you can go for quiet meditation or to communicate with your angels, guides and/or guardians. It is a place where you leave the chaos and worries of the day outside of the door, knowing that once you step inside, you will feel a sense of calm, and balance, once again giving you the opportunity to find your center. It is a place that you can sit still and breathe. For some, it is a special place for rituals, reflection and/or renewing the spirit. I believe your sacred space is a place to do your spiritual work, whatever that may be for you. The intent is to infuse the space (and yourself) with only that which is in your highest good and the highest good for those who enter.

When contemplating your Sacred Space, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. This will help you gain clarity on your Sacred Space.

For instance, sit and think about the intention behind creating this space. Will it be for meditation? Will it be a quiet space for you to connect with your guides? Is it a place of healing?

I always find it helpful to sit down and write my intentions on a piece of paper, being as clear as possible.

Once you have decided on your purpose for this space, then it will be easier to choose a location for the space. Do you want it to be a small corner that is private and not seen by visiting eyes? Will it be a room, that you can fill with the things you love and can close the door for privacy? Will it be your healing room in the office building you occupy? How large or small do you want your Sacred Space to be? Will it be a private space or will you invite others into it?

Clearing/Cleaning the Space

The next step will be to clean the area, both physically and energetically. I recommend that you clear/clean the energy in the area you have chosen for before the Sacred Space setup takes place. Do not forget to cleanse
yourself and the objects you plan on placing into the Sacred Space too!

Clearing the energy from a space basically means that any heavy, dense energy or energy that is not conducive to your highest goal/intent of your grid be removed.

Whether you are able to feel this energy or not is OK. It is always a good idea when starting a new project to start with a clean slate, right? Just think of clearing the energy in the same manner—clearing the slate.

Using something as simple as a stick of incense or sage leaf to smudge can be very effective. Don’t forget to open the windows to let the smoke and dense energies be released!

Complete instructions on How to Smudge as well as my own ritual can be found here.

If you are allergic to smoke or scented incense, try using a bell, tuning forks or a crystal singing bowl. Sound is a very effective cleanser.

Another idea is to use a candle/flame that will purify the space. Use what works best for you.

Color plays an important role

Everything in your Sacred space will play a part in your intent, even the colors you choose. Whether you select a color palette for your Sacred Space, burn colorful, scented candles, or lay a cloth on your altar, color does play a role in the creation of your sacred space. Listed here are some basic colors and what they represent:

Red–Stimulate, Activate, Energize, Passion
Black –Introspection, Protection, Grounding
Brown–Grounding, Earthy, Physical Healing
Orange–Joy, Wisdom, Creativity
Yellow–Wisdom, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Optimism
Green–Healing and Balance, Compassion, Soothing
Blue–Relaxing, Trust, Awakening
Teal–Sensitive, Compassionate, Faithful
Indigo–Balance, Devotion, Meditation, Intuition
Purple–Purify, Stimulate, Attunement
Violet–Purifying, Inspiration, Meditation
White–Strengthens, Cleansing, Purity
Pink--Compassion, Unconditional Love, Softness
Silver–Creativity (discover and apply), Intuition, Amplifies the effect of other colors.
Gold–Attunement at the highest level, Spiritual Energy, Health

What do I put IN my Sacred Space?

What will you include into your Sacred Space? You will want to make sure it is large enough to incorporate its contents. Here are some ideas you may want to consider as you decorate your new Sacred Space.

Chalice— Holy Grail, fulfillment
Holy Ash–from a sacred fire or cremation of a Holy person
Medicine Bag–a bundled collection of sacred objects
Prayer Beads/Mala/Rosary–use as a focus for your prayers
Book or Books–to energize your Sacred Space or to read a passage out of daily to begin your day.
Prayer Wheel–Tibetans use this hand held “windmill” to focus
Mandala–Sacred geometric design used for focus and aid in meditation
Circle–completion/wholeness Can be made of anything you hold dear
Cross–In Christianity symbolizes the intersection of heaven and earth
Egg–new beginnings, regeneration
Feather–unity with Creator, also used in smudging rituals
Pentagram–five pointed star of harmony and balance
Star–symbolizes the heavens, great attainment
Pyramid–symbolizes revelations, ancient mysteries
Triangle–symbolizes the divine trinity or path toward higher union
Key–used as a symbol of opening inner realms
Picture–placing a picture of something dear to you symbolizes your heart


I have an altar in my sacred space. Upon it sit three Deities. One is of Buddha, One is a Kuan Yin and one is Krishna. They all help me to remember and practice my intent of loving service.

An altar, for me is the perfect Sacred Space by itself, or an addition to a larger sacred space. It is my belief that altars are not specifically for one culture, religion, or people. They are a universal symbol of what we create in our life, the gifts we find special in our heart and the ideas we hold dear.

Denise Linn in her best selling book, Altars states, “..Welcoming the energy of the deities of the past can sometimes fill a need not addressed by the religious system of our times. A figurine or a painting or drawing of the deity can be placed as a reminder of the qualities that the deity represents. For example, a figurine of Chinese Kuan Yin usually represents compassion and the nurturing mother…” 

Buddha — purveyor of compassion
Confucius–wise teacher
Kuan Yin (Quan Yin)–goddess of compassion, nurturing mother
Jesus (Christian)–the savior
St. Christopher (Christian)–patron saint of travelers
Virgin Mary (Christian)-compassionate mother
Horus (Egyptian)–Sky god and hero
Isis (Egyptian)–mother goddess, inner feminine mysteries
Osiris (Egyptian)–powerful fertility god
Athena (Greek) –goddess of wisdom
Gaia (Greek)–Goddess of Nature
Zeus (Greek)–king of the gods
Durga (Hindu)–mother goddess
Ganesha (Hindu)–helps to overcome all obstacles
Krishna (Hindu)–Incarnation of Vishnu (The supreme being)
Shiva (Hindu)–god of destruction which insures rebirth
Odin (Norse)–god of wisdom and war
Freya (Norse)–goddess of fertility and birth
Minerva (Roman)–goddess of wisdom

This, of course, is a very small example of a tremendously large list. If placing a deity in your Sacred Space is something you would like to do, I encourage you to choose those that resonate with you on a very personal level.

If Deities aren’t your thing, then use what fills your heart with joy. Fresh flowers, candles, books, photographs, crystals, etc.

So, we have looked at intent, location, size, and inclusions into your Sacred Space. Now let’s look at an example of creating a Sacred Space.

A Crystal Healing Room as a Sacred Space

  1. The chosen intent/purpose for this healing space is one of unconditional love, higher good for all who enter, and healing of body/mind/soul.
  2. The location for this example is a spare bedroom in the home.
  3. The size accommodates your intentions by being large enough to hold a healing table, a chair, a bookcase or cabinets to hold your healing tools and a variety of other items that will help to enhance the calm energy of the room.

I will first smudge/clean/clear myself to remove any negative or dense energies. Then, I will clean/clear the energy in the actual Sacred Space using my selected cleansing ritual. Once the cleansing/clearing has taken place, you can begin to fill your Sacred Space with the items you have chosen. Since I am all about crystals, let’s start there.

You could place a group of crystals under a healing table to fill the room, yourself and your guest with higher vibrational energies that will assist in the body accepting the healing energies.

I often suggest making a grid with a variety of crystals under the table to assist in this area.

You may also want to sprinkle other crystals around the room or find a larger, single centerpiece.

Placing quartz in a healing room is an amazing addition, as Quartz will amplify the energy of the other healing crystals you have placed throughout the room and around your healing table.

For a sacred space, pick some crystals that you absolutely adore, that bring you joy and place them around the room or on your altar. This is a space to fill with your favorite things, which lifts you to a higher vibration/frequency allowing you to connect with the higher self that is you.

You may want to highlight a single piece on your altar or table each week that will assist you in working on a specific issue. Choose with a specific intent in mind, or allow your intuition to make the choice by looking over your crystals and picking up the one that you are drawn to at that moment.

It is also a good idea to keep a journal. Write down crystals and/or combinations of crystals that work effectively for you—whether it is for personal issues or for a specific healing session.

Remember, your energy vibration is unique. Taking notes or writing down these observations will assist you in finding your own crystal path.


Creating your Sacred Space written by Kristi Hugs in December of 2011 Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. Do not copy or re post without permission.

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