Crystal and mineral pronunciations can sometimes be difficult, especially when you take into consideration different accents or country grammar rules. Often, there may be more than one accepted pronunciation.

I am a simple gal from the USA, so use the simple hooked on phonics approach. These have been researched and compared with other USA pronunciation files for accuracy.

This page is dedicated to the letter B crystal and mineral pronunciations. This is not a complete list.

Have any you want me to add? Contact me!

Barite BEAR right
Bastnaesite BAST na sight or Bast NA sight
Bismuth BIZ muth
Bloodstone Blood Stone
Boli Stone BOW lee Stone (Bow, as in bow and arrow)
Botswana Agate Bot SWAN ah Agate
Bowenite BOW en night (Bow, as in bow and arrow)
Brazilianite Bra ZIL yen night
Brochantite Bro SHAWN tight
Bustamite BUST a might or Boost a might

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  1. Hi Ruth! I am working on the C’s this weekend, but here is my hooked on phonics spelling for you — chris OH praise

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