Crystal Habits / Configurations 101

Crystal Habits, Configurations and Faces can be very helpful when working with specific energy tasks. They can also be confusing. That is why I have created this Crystal Habits / Configurations 101 page.

I believe these special pieces are valuable tools to assist in your crystal journey. This is not a full list, as new ones continue to emerge. I am going to include some references at the end of the PDF that will be helpful and expand this list when you are ready.

In teaching beginners to advanced, I find that less is more to start. Even some of the most seasoned crystal collectors are not aware of Crystal Habits/Configurations and how they can amplify, even more, the energy of that crystal.

So let’s start at the beginning…by looking at the Anatomy of a Quartz crystal.

Anatomy of a quartz crystal


The place where the crystal faces/facets merge, forming a natural point or end (in mineralogy, where they intercept the crystallographic axis). This is most often pointed, as shown in the example below.

anatomy of a quartz crystal

Doubly (Double) Terminated crystals have natural points at each end of the crystal. Energy may move outward in either direction or in both directions concurrently, which is one reason why it is sought after by healers and light workers. Doubly Terminated is the correct terminology, DT for short.


The Face is the flat plane surface on the crystal, also called a “facet”.

Main Face:

The main face is most often the largest face on the crystal which defines the “front” of the crystal. It is normally where you find these special configurations. Many are often found to the left or right of the main face as well.


The base of a crystal is the irregular “broken” end where the crystal was harvested or released itself from a larger cluster.


Multiple Ridges, furrows, scratches or linear marks, generally parallel, normally found on the sides of a crystal caused by growth or changes in growth due to geologic agents (glaciers, streams, faulting, etc). Not all crystals have visible striations.

Purpose of Quartz Crystals:

To amplify energy and/or to direct energy.

Jane Ann Dow, in her book, Crystal Journey, explains that, “the crystal, using its specific vibration, helps to create movement which can remove blocks or denser areas of energy that cause illness. The body responds to the vibration. There is the connection of energy to energy, vibration to vibration.”

Edgar Cayce says that crystals, “exercise an electromagnetic influence over physical cells, helping a body to become more effective.” In one of his channels, he states that, “the stone, in its vibration is then in sympathy with the body that is also sympathetic (sensitive). The stone assists in ‘stepping up’ or ‘building up’ the sensitivity of the body.

Crystal Habit or Configuration:

A crystal’s habit is defined as its visible external shape. This is determined by the crystal structure, the specific crystal chemistry and the conditions under which the crystal formed.

Quartz most often presents as a six-sided prisms with a six-sided pyramid at their ends. However, not all quartz follows this pattern due to a variety of factors during the growth process, so to see a seven or eight sided/faceted piece is not as common, but possible.

Abundance Crystal

The Abundance crystal configuration is most accurately identified as one main crystal with many smaller crystals clustered around the base.

abundance crystal habit
Abundance Crystal
  • Focuses your attention on prosperity and abundance
  • Helps to attract abundance (be very clear on what you want)
  • Promotes lighter, happier attitude
  • Reminds you there is always more coming to you
  • Energy re-charger
  • Reminds you to act on and trust your dreams
  • Helps to attain harmony at all levels
  • Stimulates feelings of safety and security
  • Aids in direct communication with higher/inner/divine self
  • Aids in bringing about empathy and compassion for others
  • Unlimited potential for growth through conscious cooperation

Activation Crystal

Activation Crystals, also called Time line or Time Link crystals are identified as being a slightly slanted rectangular shape to one side of the main face.

If the rectangular face is to the right of the main face (right leaning), it is called a Right Time Line or Right Time Link crystal and denotes accessing information from the Future. It also fuels creativity and inspiration. If the rectangular face is to the left of the main face (Left leaning) it is called a Left Time Line or Left Time Link crystal and will assist in accessing information from the past as well as aiding when working towards a goal.

activation crystal time line time link face
Activation Crystal, Time Link or Time Line Face
  • Assists you in working out problems associated with your personal concept of time.
  • Connects the past, present and future related to Time
  • Divination tool
  • Excellent channeling tool
  • Good tool to work with on lessons concerning physical death
  • Great for past and parallel life recall exercises
  • Reminds you to be patient and give yourself “time”
  • Represents your willingness to learn and grow

Barnacle Crystal

barnacle crystal habit
  • Enhances family/group cooperation
  • Aids in the grieving/loss process
  • Represents a Teacher or wise one
  • For teachers/instructors/ inspirations, a Barnacle crystal can help to find the most effective ways to teach and share.
  • Helps to find trust in their heart
  • For leaders, speakers, teachers, it reminds them of the responsibility they have to their students. Integrity is key.

Bent Crystal

The Bent Crystal occurs when one or more crystals break at some point during the growth process and then later visibly rejoin or heal at an angle. It is not the same as a naturally curved crystal.

bent crystal habit
Bent Crystal
  • For me, the Bent Crystal is a testament to resilience and survival.
  • If you feel broken and/or challenged, work with the Bent crystal energy to help find a way to move forward.
  • The Bent Crystal is a representation of our own remarkable human spirit and never give up attitude. Yes, you have that inside you too!
  • Helps to navigate and embrace change.
  • Encourages confidence in self and strength in decision making
  • For me, this crystal habit is akin to a super hero 🙂

Bridge Crystal

For me, a Bridge Crystal is a crystal that connects two separate crystals, effectively making a “Bridge” between the two outside crystals. Think of it as the middle line in the letter H. For me, this is NOT another name for an Inner Child or Penetrator crystal. It is distinctly different and unique.

bridge crystal
Bridge Crystal
  • Bridge crystals are helpful when working with bridging the gap between.
  • Bridge crystals should be utilized by those who are working to connect with higher energies or those on the other side.
  • Bridge crystals are also used when there are issues in litigation or disagreements. Bridge crystals help to find the common ground, aiding in compromise and clarity.

Burr Crystal

A Burr Crystal is a three dimensional cluster, with the best specimens having crystal points radiating from the center, with virtually no center matrix. A true Burr is very Rare!

burr crystal cluster habit
Burr Crystal Cluster
  • Aids in energy disbursement in all directions at the same time, making it perfect for clearing a space, place or person.
  • Amplifies the energy of other crystals around it. A wonderful piece to use in the middle of a grid or under a healing bed during a session.
  • The energy of a Burr crystal can reach far and wide. Use when working with a group for a single manifestation/intention.
  • Hold to recharge your own energy, or place crystals around the Burr to clear them.
  • The Burr reminds me of the Universe, showing us that anything is possible!

Candle Quartz

Candle Quartz , also identified as Pineapple Quartz, is a crystal that has one, main prominent point and multiple, smaller parallel points around all sides, similar to candle drippings. (Not the same as an Abundance Crystal)

candle quartz
Candle Quartz
  • Aids in finding path and passion
  • Calming
  • Clears environment of energies not conducive to intention
  • Confidence, increases
  • Enhances insight, a looking inward to discover our truth and path
  • Sensitivity, increases
  • Tranquility, enhances the state of

Channel Face/Channeling Crystal

The Channel Face crystal is a point whose main face or facets have seven outside edges (more rarely 8 outside edges). If this crystal also has a triangular face directly opposite of the main face (on the back side) it is called a Channeling Crystal.

channel face channeling crystal
Channel Face
  • Activates and connects 4th – 12th Chakras
  • Aligns more directly to Higher Self
  • Allows for a deep focus within
  • Connects with higher realms, angelic beings
  • Harmony, inspires
  • Helps to get back on track when you feel derailed
  • Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • New Beginnings on a higher level ( 7 +3=10 reduce 1+0=1)
  • Promotes a strong desire for truthfulness
  • Raises/Boosts all consciousness within immediate environment

Crystal Cluster

A crystal cluster is defined as three or more crystals with a common base. The crystals may be small or large, or a combination of sizes.

crystal cluster
Crystal Cluster
  • Aids in communications
  • Amplification of its own energy and energies of other crystals/persons around it.
  • Balances male/female, yin/yang energies
  • Breaks up blocked or negative energies
  • Breaks up and clears other crystals from stagnant energies
  • Equalizes and stabilizes energies in its environment
  • Encourages group cooperation for best results
  • Manifestation and/or intention amplifier (make sure to BE CLEAR!)
  • Purifier
  • Protector
  • Promotes harmony
  • Radiates energy out to the immediate area to clear and clean
  • Symbolizes Cooperation and Harmony between dissimilar people

Diamond Window

The Diamond Window Quartz Crystal can be a four sided vertical Diamond shaped face as one of the main six faces (Rare) or between and slightly lower than the six main faces, making it the Seventh Face (Uncommon).

Diamond Window face
Diamond Window
  • A good mirror for checking your viewpoints, your opinions, your beliefs
  • Allows you to see and understand all sides of any issue, not just your own
  • Clears perceptions
  • Excellent Channeling tool
  • Excellent divination tool
  • Helps you to see more clearly your present view of personal reality
  • Reminds you to be open to new points of view
  • Reminds you to focus, to get a clearer picture
  • Represents your ability to see two directions at once
  • Symbolizes your willingness to see through the barriers in front of you

Dog Tooth

The Dog-tooth crystal is a nearly diamond shaped, elongated crystal with two opposing faces and sides. This configuration occurs after Calcite has eroded due to an over abundance of water current. The rock crystal then forms in its place.

dog toothed calcite crystal habit
Dog toothed
  • Dog toothed Habits help to increase Concentration and Focus, perfect for students.
  • They will ease fears, sometimes alleviating all together
  • Perfect for connecting to Mother Earth and Grounding the physical body
  • Dog toothed Habits help to face fear in order to release/let go and be free of it


A Dolphin crystal, also known as a “Mother and Child” crystal is identified as a large crystal with a smaller one closely attached to its “back”. I tend to put the crystal on its side so you can see the baby riding on the back . These are not common crystals to find. If one is presented to you, the message is clear.

dolphin crystal habit
  • Assists when resolving issues related to mother
  • Assists in working with most emotional traumas, including abuse
  • Brings back the joy and playfulness of the true child within.
  • Heals the inner child from past hurts and harms as it allows one to face these issues while feeling safe and secure.
  • Promotes nurturing and mothering energies, be it conceiving a child or creating a new project.
  • Promotes feelings of security and acceptance of who you are.
  • Protection for the newly born, young, defenseless, insecure, sensitive, naive, innocent and vulnerable.
  • Reduces anger, anxiety and fear
  • Reminds you to love, accept and nurture yourself as well as others
  • Symbolizes safety when moving through deep/troubled waters (so to speak)

Doubly Terminated

Doubly (Double) Terminated crystals have natural points at each end of the crystal. Energy may move outward in either direction or in both directions concurrently, which is one reason why it is sought after by healers and light workers.

Jane Ann Dow, in her book, Crystal Journey, explains that the crystal, using its specific vibration, helps to create movement which can remove blocks or denser areas of energy that cause illness. The body responds to the vibration. There is the connection of energy to energy, vibration to vibration. This is how healing can occur.

doubly terminated crystal
Doubly Terminated
  • Aids in Divination
  • Amplifies/Directs energy
  • Boosts psychic awareness
  • Clear communication, both physically and telepathically
  • Conductor of energy, stabilizer
  • Directs energy flow
  • Energizer on ALL levels
  • Enhances absorption of lessons presented


The Elestial crystal has a surface that may show flat to nearly flat point tips, with triangular cut like spaces.

elestial or elestialated crystal habit
  • A wonderful tool for releasing the physical when it is most appropriate.
  • Aids in the transition of those who are passing/crossing over.
  • Alleviates fear of living in the physical dimension
  • Assists with dissolving/releasing unproductive emotional attachments
  • Assists in the mass cleansing, healing and reawakening
  • “Big Picture” crystal. Helps to “get it”.
  • Brings great comfort to those in a dying process, assisting in the release of fears.
  • Helps to remember why you may have chosen this particular “Earth life”.
  • Great when working with emotional Karmic bonds
  • May contain pre physical (before incarnation) information
  • Repairs damaged cells in the brain and rewire damaged areas.
  • Symbolizes Ancient Universal Law

ET Crystal

The ET Crystal is identified as a crystal that has a single termination (point) at one end and multiple terminations growing downward at the other, which may appear to look like the tail on a rocket or comet.

ET crystal
  • Builds and maintains self confidence
  • Channeling tool
  • Courage
  • Energy Re-charger
  • Energy Shield
  • Face fear
  • Functions as a laser for intense focusing of energy
  • Symbolizes your connection to the Universe
  • Tool for communicating with off world life
  • ET Crystals can be used to enhance the vibrations of energy so that communication with celestial beings, Guardian Angels and Extraterrestrial beings.

Faden Quartz

Faden Crystals (aka Faden Growth or Laden Veil) are identified by the veiled milky feather like line within the structure which usually runs through the crystal. This linear veil is found almost exclusively in Tabular Crystals.

Faden Quartz
Faden Quartz

The line represents the seed point of growth and these particular crystals have the ability to activate new growth within oneself or within someone you may be working with, utilizing healing energy.


Geodes are “spherical to sub spherical rock structures with an internal cavity lined with mineral materials. They have a durable outer wall that is more resistant to weathering than the surrounding bedrock. This allows the geode to survive intact when the surrounding bedrock weathers away. The mineral lining the cavity is often a scintillating druse of tiny quartz crystals underlain by multiple bands of translucent gray and white agate. Many are lined with more spectacular treasures.”

  • Aids in clear thinking
  • Connects directly to nature and nature energy
  • Connects a group/group energy with a single and direct intention
  • Great energy for children as it is gentle, smooth and soothing
  • Meditation tool (think “Crystal Cave”)
  • Promotes hope and harmony
  • Reminder that we are ALL part of a larger family or group
  • Stimulates the desire for compatibility and cooperation
  • Symbolizes shelter and protection while in growth

Growth Crater

A Growth Crater, also called a Crater Crystal is a four to six sided impression left on the host crystal by the base of another crystal which has since been separated.

Growth Cracter (NOT a key crystal)
Growth Crater
  • Aids in healing from addiction
  • Can assist in “going back to the beginning” for understanding of a situation or experience.
  • Can also help you to rewrite the experience, especially traumatic ones
  • Enhances feelings of safety and security
  • Excellent crystal to use when working with issues of martyrdom or “poor me” syndrome
  • Excellent choice to work with when facing transition/change
  • Expands Consciousness
  • Helps to access past lives
  • Helps to grow into your own self empowerment
  • One of the best crystals to work with when learning lessons in non attachment
  • Reminds you to support and nurture ALWAYS, and then let go
  • Represents your ability to let go and still remain whole
  • Symbolizes the child or student that has left “the nest”

This is often called a “Key” crystal, but that is incorrect. As often happens, one person says something and everyone else copies and pastes. In this case, they are all wrong. Scroll down to “Key” Crystal below and see the real deal.

Inner Child or Penetrator Crystals

The Inner Child/Penetrator crystals are those smaller, fully formed crystals that are half in and half out of the main crystal. Many people also call this a “Bridge” crystal. I believe that to be incorrect. (See Bridge Crystal)

Inner Child Crystal, Penetrator
Inner Child/ Penetrator
  • A support crystal when healing from addiction in all phases
  • Can represent the connection/bond between parent and child
  • Emotional and Physical protection stone
  • Great tool to help regain trust
  • Meditation crystal
  • Promotes love and acceptance of self
  • Relieves sadness and depression
  • Reminds you that you are never alone or without support
  • Reminds you that fun and play are essential for your spiritual growth
  • Represents the inner child in all of us
  • Support crystal for parents
  • Use an Inner Child crystal to aid when doing inner child work

Internal Fracture

Many crystals have Internal Fractures which are caused by pressure and other elements while the crystal is in various stages of growth. While at first one may perceive this type of crystal to be “imperfect”, these beauties remind us that in the physical state of being, we too, may be perceived in the same way.

When working with a crystal which contains internal fractures, the realization that we are perfect and complete just the way we are, embraces us. Our nature is Divine.

Rainbows, Internal Fractures
Rainbows, Internal Fractures

Many times you will see rainbows appear where an internal fracture is present.

One of my favorite things to look for when I see an internal fracture is the presence of rainbows. Rainbows occur when there is a break or fracture within the crystal, causing certain prismatic effects. The presence of a rainbow gives additional energies which otherwise may be lacking in a clearer specimen.

Rainbows occur when there is a break or fracture within the crystal, causing certain prismatic effects. The presence of a rainbow gives additional energies which otherwise may be lacking in a clearer specimen.

Rainbows stimulate the awareness of Universal Love. They can assist in drawing off unwanted energies and dispersing healing to the body and/or the environment. Many feel that the Rainbow assists in connection with the Higher Self, Guides, Angels, and a host of teachers/information. What better way to validate our Divine nature than the rainbow?

Isis Face

The Isis crystal is identified as a crystal with a five sided/facets face also (normally as the front or main face).

Isis face crystal
Isis Face
  • Amplifies female qualities. Especially useful if the yin/yang are in need of balance (ie if your male energies seem to be stronger, overpowering your female energies).
  • Attracts love and faithfulness in love
  • Fertility crystal, Goddess Energy
  • Helps to cope with grief and loss
  • Human destiny
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Represents beauty and courage
  • Personifies wisdom, justice and fidelity in love
  • Represents words of power
  • Symbolizes courage in the face of great adversity
  • Symbolizes the human soul in its search for completion

Key Crystal

“A true Key crystal LOOKS like a key with notches/teeth or look like a set of keys on a key ring.”

TRUE Key Crystal
TRUE Key Crystal
  • Encourages and facilitates new projects
  • Helps to unlock information previously not available/accessible. It will present itself at the right time to you.
  • Opens the mind, allowing access to information from higher source
  • Problem solver. Aids in helping to see the problem from all perspectives so that an appropriate action can be taken.
  • Strength and resolve

You will see many online mistakenly identifying a Growth Crater crystal as a Key Crystal.

Laser Wand

The Laser Wand may appear to be three sided at first glance. It will gradually taper and decrease in size from the base to the tip. This is a TRUE laser wand.

Lately, anything from a regular crystal point with no taper at all to only a slight taper without any other identifying factors are being sold as laser wands these days. Buyer be cautioned.

Laser Wand
Laser Wand
  • Best crystal, in my opinion, to activate your crystal grids
  • Communicator, both telepathically or with higher self
  • Excellent crystal to use for programming
  • Focuses and directs energy
  • Helps to overcome/fight fears
  • Laser wands are most often used for removing blockages or cutting energetic cords keeping you tethered to a person, place or thing that no longer serves you or has your highest interest at heart. *Crystal Council*
  • Promotes self confidence
  • Protection stone (physical and psychic)
  • Re-energizer
  • Symbolizes Focus and concentration


A Manifestor is characterized by a crystal or crystals growing completely inside the main crystal. These are not a common configuration. If you find a manifestor, it is definitely meant for you!

  • Manifestor crystals can help to work through problems or issues, perceptions or misinformation.
  • Manifestation crystals are most often used to manifest intention. You should be VERY clear here. Do not simply ask for abundance. You could get an abundance of ants or bad luck or ….. Not the time to vocalize mixed messages.
  • Work with a Manifestation crystal when you are facing healing from a traumatic, physical or emotional, childhood.
  • Manifestors can also assist those who are working through current family problems or issues. Very helpful in assisting with manifestations of any kind. If there is something wished for by using manifestation techniques, some questions may be, “Do I really want this?” or “Are there reasons I may not want this?” Be very clear!! If the crystal perceives mixed messages it may not facilitate the manifestation.


A Phantom crystal is recognizable by a “phantom” or “ghost” crystal within the main crystal, usually comprised of a white or colored mineral being partial or complete. The Phantom can appear as an outline (ghost) or solid body within the host crystal.

  • Help to alleviate grief and feelings of loss
  • Aid during transition and change
  • Dissipate inner stress
  • Aid when experiencing emotional trauma
  • Stimulates creativity and growth
  • Wonderful piece to aid in the facing of and healing from addiction
  • Helps to soothe depression, sadness, melancholy
  • Enhances communication possibilities with Masters/Guides
  • Promotes courage in thought and action
  • Wonderful Nurturer
  • Aids when working with lessons on patience and compassion

Record Keeper

A Record Keeper has triangular shaped symbol(s) which can be raised or engraved on one or more of the crystal’s faces. They are NOT the triangular crystal face/facet itself. These are not easy symbols to see with a one time glance– they must be held to the light and looked at closely.

Record Keeper
Record Keeper
  • Helps to access Akashic records
  • Channeling tool
  • Communication tool for connecting with guides, teachers and Higher Self
  • Dream time crystal
  • Enhances all forms of communication
  • Holds and transmits ancient information/records
  • Meditation tool
  • Reminds you to stay true to yourself
  • Spiritual attunement tool


This natural formation of a quartz crystal is called a Scepter Crystal. This formation is recognized by the natural crystal forming itself around a crystal “rod” hence, the appearance of the Scepter. The top part of the Scepter should have six edges visible where the rod and crystal meet.

  • Symbolizes Divine Authority
  • Channeling Device
  • Fertility stone
  • Protection Stone
  • Establishes a firm connection to Spirit and your own true essence
  • Allows a more direct communication with Higher Self/Guides
  • Confidence builder and booster
  • Stimulates courage to take action and follow through
  • Reminds you to be more aware of your actions and how they impact others

“Tabby” or Tabular Crystal

Tabular or “Tabby” crystals are recognized from the flattened or tabbed shape with “notches” on one or both sides. The two opposite sides are twice as wide as the others.

Tabby or Tabular Crystal
Tabby or Tabular
  • Balances emotions
  • Bridges the gap between heart/mind, inner/outer self, feelings/expressions of the same
  • Calms and soothes, stress reliever
  • Communication, strengthens and enhances
  • Communication, smoother channel between the conscious and subconscious
  • Channeling crystal
  • Dream crystal
  • Eases fear
  • Enhances the productive flow of energy (all kinds)

Self Healed

Self Healed crystals are identified as a partial or whole crystal that has been severed from its original matrix or cluster. Some time later, conditions once again become perfect for growth and a new crystal structure begins to grow over the area that was severed. In effect, the crystal heals its own wounds.

Self Healed
Self Healed
  • Assists those dealing with effects of abuse
  • Aids in any type of trauma
  • Helps to resist the natural physical effects of aging
  • Aids in addiction (addictive behavior), treatment and healing
  • Energy shield
  • Facing and dealing with fears of all kinds
  • Helps to move through the grief and loss process
  • Stimulates courage
  • Symbolizes your natural ability to heal yourself, no matter what
  • Weight Control (lessons and issues)
  • Work with when going through feelings of guilt


The Twin Quartz Crystal can be recognized by two points that share a single base or two points sharing a common side. The Twin does not need to mirror in height or faces.

Twin Crystal Habit
Twin Crystal
  • Aids in accessing past and past and parallel life information (Twin Flame)
  • Aids in lessons concerning human sexuality (Tantric Twin)
  • Aligns you more correctly with Sacred Knowledge (Spirit Guardian)
  • Allows access to ancient knowledge and wisdom (Spirit Guardian)
  • Balancing tool (Soul Mate)
  • Channeling tool (Soul Mate)
  • Communication crystal (Twin Flame)
  • Enhances telepathic abilities/communication (Soul Mate)
  • Excellent energy shield (Tantric Twin)
  • Enhances compatibility between individuals (Tantric Twin)
  • Helps to attract one of many soul mates-you have several during any one life time, not just one. (Soul Mate)
  • Helps to deal with all relationships at a more realistic level (Tantric Twin)
  • Protection crystal, especially for infants and small children (Spirit Guardian)
  • Reminds you that you have not been abandoned, and never will (Spirit Guardian)
  • Symbolizes “like attracting like” (Twin Flame)
  • Symbolizes union with the One, the ALL (Tantric Twin)

A Twin Flame is a twin crystal with a more specific habit. The Twin Flame consists of two crystals, of similar, but not equal length and size, joined either at the base in a V shape or joined at the sides.

Two crystals of equal length and size, growing side by side are identified as Soul Mate Crystals, while two crystals who share a common base but have two separate and distinct points (think two heads on one body) are called Tantric Twins.

And last, but not least, two doubly terminated crystals of equal or nearly equal size and length, growing side by side are called Spirit Guardian Crystals.

References and Suggested Reading

Energy Properties came from several sources including:

  • My own guides, the Crystal Council
  • Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer which I consider THE best book for a complete listing of Quartz configurations/habits
  • Each physical description listed here is from the book, Buyer’s Guide by LS Hersh who I consider the expert on Quartz configurations/habits from a physical standpoint. The author was asked and has granted her permission.
  • THE best website for everything Quartz is

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