Crystals are not a magic pill

That’s right. I said it. Crystals are NOT a magic pill. Let me break it down for you.

All professional medical websites come with a disclaimer. This is usually a small paragraph at the bottom of the page stating rights and obligations of the website, which also covers any implied situation that involves some level of uncertainty, waiver, or risk. In other words, read/practice/follow at your own risk.

The website shares this disclaimer so that you will know they are not going to take responsibility and in fact, have no obligation to take responsibility if you follow the information posted and something goes wrong.

Now, this is not always as bad as it sounds. I mean, how many times have you gone to Web MD to diagnose yourself to save a few bucks at the doctors? I think it is safe to say most of us have. Yes, me too.

Over the last decade or so, alternative healing sites/products have begun this practice as well. I understand the need to protect oneself from those who visit the site. Often times, it is not because the information itself is misleading, but the fact that many times, the information given is incomplete. When I teach my Crystal Basics Beginners class, I always begin the class explaining that everything is energy. Everything. So when a website states that crystals have energy, they are correct.

The Tricky part….

As a beginner, you go to a crystal website and ask a question. Let’s use, “What will cure my bronchitis?” That site may or may not personally help you. It will probably share many crystals that carry the energy of the lungs, that should help to aid the lungs in the healing process. The site may or may not offer ways to use the crystal. You buy the crystal, receive the crystal, and expect the crystal to work on your issue.

Days, weeks go by. The crystal has not worked as promised. So your question then becomes. Does this stuff work or not? Confusion turns into frustration which turns into doubt. So you throw the crystal in a drawer (or out the window) and forget it.

I am certainly not a scientist, nor do I claim to be, so that will be my disclaimer. This post is for those who, like me, do not grasp the scientific aspects as well as we grasp the creative ones.

Come sit with me here and let me share the whole story as I see it in my mind. OK?

Here is the truth of it

Crystals are not a magic pill. They are simply a tool. A tool you can use to aid in finding relief for your bronchitis. Crystals will not cure your bronchitis. And if you expect the crystal to do the work? then you need to sit down and reconsider your plan. You see, YOU need to take action.

Crystals are energy, yes. Their energy can help to boost your own energy. If your lungs are sick, then they have a low energy. Using the proper crystal will help to boost that energy so the lungs have the support they need to heal.

But the crystal alone is not enough. YOU need to take the steps necessary to heal the body too! That means eating right, getting plenty of rest, allowing your body to fight off the infection. You need to take your antibiotics…all of them. Want to be a tough guy? Sure! Don’t take your medicine and wind up in the hospital with pneumonia if you want.

You need to care for your lungs like you would a new-born baby. Simply holding a crystal to them and doing nothing else is not going to heal your lungs. it is not a miracle cure. Do not have that expectation. This is the number one reason many beginners give up on crystals. They were given a sales pitch, a story and nothing more.

Shouting, “Powerful, healing crystals here!!” is irresponsible by any crystal seller, especially if they do not give honest and complete information.

Crystals do not heal without you taking some type of action (sometimes, many actions). If you just sit the crystal on a table and look at it from time to time, you certainly cannot blame the crystal if it “doesn’t work”. Crystals, like other natural remedies, will take a longer period of time simply because they are natural energies helping you to heal naturally.

When answering a crystal question or a request for suggestions on a healing crystal, I am known to be a bit long-winded. I feel responsible to share as much information as I can and remind the client that the crystal is not a magic pill, but a tool, sharing ways in which the tool can be used. I will do everything I can to help, but I cannot do it for you either, and I won’t.

Take Action

There has been a lot of talk about abundance over the past several years. Books, speakers, “coaches”, experts……all telling you how to make money, how to be prosperous, etc. The main selling point is to think about what you want, send that energy out to the universe, live in a place of prosperity and prosperity will come to you. I always found this to be only half of the equation.

Action. Where is the part about Action? It is not there. And why? Because this information, is not complete. Yet, it is presented as the newest magic pill. Buy our stuff and we will tell you how to be prosperous! So a million folks buy the books, indeed making the author prosperous and lining their pockets with our money. So we sit with the book, we visualize, we dream, we fill boards with pictures of what we want, we send that positive energy out to the universe…and while we are sitting, doing nothing but dreaming (and NOT taking any real action)…..the bank repossesses our house.

In Summary

I guess my intent here is to let you know that there are a LOT of tools out there for you to use. Tools that can make you healthier, more at peace, abundant, grateful, compassionate, joyful, happy, and stress free. But they are tools ONLY.

YOU, yes YOU are the one who has to take the tool and learn how to use it and when you learn, use it often! You must be responsible.

I think my new disclaimer is going to read as follows: “Crystals are tools that can aid you in your life. I am responsible for providing the tools. YOU are responsible for taking Action.”

All parts of the equation must work with each other, don’t you think?

Grateful for your shares


  1. Thank you Kristi, I’ve been struggling with the ideas that crystals can help heal people and your article makes me much more comfortable with all of this.

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