Crystals for Anger

My crystal consultation for this week focuses on Anger. Anger is not only an emotional reaction, it affects the body, mind and soul as well.

A situation, a disagreement, a world event, a relationship issue…so many things can set us off. Anger can run from a mild roll of the eyes to a out of control event. More often than not, anger is a reaction of something in our past- an old tape playing in our head, guilty feelings never faced or even addressed, criticism in our youth, a traumatic event and the list goes on.

When something brings up those memories/feelings of these past events, we react and it is usually swift and snappy.


We lash out by speaking hatefully or harshly, taking a defensive posture. We fuss, we fret, we complain, we may speak about the issue with others until we are all fuming. Sometimes it becomes a physical event. And even worse than these outward reactions, are the inner ones. We stew. We hold it in, sit in it, beat ourselves up for our lack of reaction or not standing up for ourselves.

Anger is not healthy. Whether you hold it in or let it out, it still does physical, emotional and energetic damage to the body.

Crystals to cool Anger


Aragonite helps to ease anger, removing the pent up, explosive feeling often repressed within. It can also aid in understanding the anger- why it occurred, what situation set it off, where you learned the behavior of reacting in such a way.Aragonite is also very useful when dealing with criticism in much the same way.

Atlantasite can also be of assistance here. It can be used to work with anger and the reactive ego.

Yellow Apatite is known for its anger neutralizing energies.

Blue Lace Agate can not only diffuse the immediate anger and/or rage, but it also helps to acknowledge and face the underlying issue.

Use Chrysocolla or Fuchsite w/Ruby to balance the emotions and reduce anger.


There are many crystals that will aid in eliminating and/or dissolving the reactive anger. Some of these include:

Blue Kyanite, Vesuvianite/idocrase or Muscovite can help to dispel anger.


Howlite eliminates stress and rage

Lepidolite, which contains lithium or Lithium in Quartz will help to cool and ease intense anger.

Peridot ease the intensity of anger and lashing out.

picture jasper
Picture Jasper

Mica is wonderful for kids (and some adults!) as it can be used to diminish anger and those nasty temper tantrums.

Manganocalcite. Smithsonite or Stilbite will help to gently release/ dissolve anger.

Picture jasper helps to bring repressed anger to the surface to be dealt with and released.

Sugilite will help to eliminate hostility and anger.

Rules to ease anger

Let’s face it. We all have our moments. It is what we do with them that makes the difference. When I become angry, whether it is from an old program/tape, an injustice or a lack of taking responsibility, I follow the three step rule.

  1. First, step back and BREATHE
  2. Second, take a moment to acknowledge the anger (I often make a quick note so that I can go back later and dig deeper for when this emotional reaction first occurred.)
  3. Formulate a response (as opposed to a non thinking reaction). Cool heads and gentle words can still get your point across. You will be surprised.

For a quick reference guide, grab a copy of The Handy Little Crystal List Reference Guide via PDF Download here or in my Etsy Shop.

The information contained in this article is not meant to replace diagnosis and treatment by a qualified and licensed medical practitioner. ALL recommendations herein contained are derived from article research, various crystal healing reference books and intuition. No expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of their uses can be given nor liability taken.

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