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What are Crystal Grids used for? What is a Crystal Grid?
A Crystal Grid is simply the placing of crystals in a pattern chosen by you, based on a specific intent/purpose/goal.

How do they work?
The crystals you select have specific energy vibrations/frequencies. The pattern you chose to lay the crystals out in, be it a template or free form, are a way to direct that energy. The crystals, the template and your intention for this grid all work in combination towards this common goal by merging the energies, raising the vibration and expanding the energy to make the space conducive

Anything! You can create a crystal grid for healing, love, abundance, success, peace, support for a friend or loved one, dreams and dreaming, astral travel, meditation, compassion, protection, safe travel…..the list is literally endless!

Let’s take this Step by Step.

Some black and white pictures.

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