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Question: Hi Kristi, my biggest problem is motivation. I just can’t get anything done and didn’t use to be this way. Help ??

Morning Jetti,

I know others can definitely relate to this. I know I can! Oftentimes, the lack of motivation is connected with current energy shifts, moon phases and the like. Sometimes, and more often for me, it is my own energy cycles that make it so. I often suggest looking inward, even keeping a daily journal. I write things like, “I did not sleep well last night.” or “I felt really spazzed out today!” After a month of this, I may be able to see a pattern emerge. I think we are often too quick to blame it on something outside of ourselves. I believe looking within and at our own unique energy and how it cycles could be very beneficial.

Motivation. It certainly carries a specific type of energy. The energy of creation and inspiration. When we are inspired, our motivation is quicker to react and we take action more easily and effortlessly. Sometimes though, motivation will hide under the covers and refuse to come out. I sooooo get that! LOL

Being aware of our body, mind and spirit is a good start. I think we can react to motivation one of two ways. If we lack motivation, it could be a sign that we are to rest that day. Put everything on the back burner and simply rest the body and mind. Just “be”. Sit in the forest or by the ocean. Listen to soothing music. Take care of ourselves. We rarely listen to that, but sometimes, lack of motivation is our cue.

If the lack goes on for a while, then look at what is happening around you. It could just be an energy drain, yes, it could be an energy shift (but on a personal level, not like blaming Mercury in retrograde for EVERYTHING! LOL) You may have just come out of a serious, life changing event. Look for a lack of balance in parts of your life, things like that.

So, what do we do? I can definitely offer up some crystal energies that may help to switch that lack of motivation to creative, inspired motivation.

Now, I am going to offer a few crystal/mineral ideas here. Why? because we each have our own unique energy vibration at any given time. What may work for one, may not work for another in the same way. So read over the list and choose those stones that resonate with you. I always recommend looking at a pic of the stone. Your gut/intuition will say YES!! when it finds your energy connection.

In general, increasing motivation comes with increasing creative energies. As a general rule, you would pick stones that are in the orange to yellow range (Chakra wise) because these are the chakras that represent creativity and motivation.


For me, Citrine is a crystal you truly should not be without simply because the range of issues (physical, emotional and spiritual) it can assist with is incredibly expansive. Citrine is most popular to use for manifestation, abundance and success. It is also a wonderful piece to inspire creation and motivation.

Red Rubies are most often recommended to increase wealth and abundance. Ruby also enhances concentration, focus, courage, leadership, and motivation.


Golden to Green Apatite aids in creative endeavors, bringing about more motivation and creativity energy. Hold this piece to truly be inspired.

One of my personal favorites is Pink Calcite or Manganocalcite. Oftentimes, when I feel non motivated, I tend to harass myself and beat myself up. Manganocalcite helps me to embrace where I am and what I am, or am not doing. It allows for me to support myself, be aware of the energies I am currently carrying and get to a state of center and balance. For me, it is like my own personal cheerleader.

Tiger Iron

Lastly, Tiger Iron ( Tiger Iron is a hematite-infused type of tiger eye, often with Red Jasper) is an energizer and an excellent motivation mineral. It promotes self-assurance, inspiration and the joy of creation and the stamina to get the job done. I think of Tiger Iron as my energizer bunny. wink

Just remember, like the tides, our motivation ebbs and flows. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a slow day. Instead, turn it around and enjoy some me time.

I hope this has been helpful!!

with love and crystal blessings,

Grateful for your shares

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