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“Renaming a crystal or mineral with a fancy foo foo name is prostituting Mother Nature’s children. It is neither necessary nor appropriate. Dress it up and give it a fancy name and sell it for more than it is worth, is a common practice for few in the metaphysical community. The practice of misleading and making something it is not, is the practice commonly used by politics and snake oil salesmen.”
Honesty, Integrity, Truth in labeling.
The Rebel Rocker

This will never be  a complete list although I have added a few new names I have already researched to the list. New crystals and minerals are found all the time and old rocks are increasingly given “new” names. I believe this is a great guide to get you started and encourages you to always ask questions.

It should be noted that federal registration of a trademark is not mandatory, meaning anyone can stick a TM on anything that no one else has legal rights to. One specific company is a master at this with less than 10% of its Trademarked names actually appearing in any of the Trademark databases.

LEGAL Trademarks do, however, have several advantages, including notice to the public of the registrant’s claim of ownership of the mark, legal presumption of ownership nationwide, and exclusive right to use the mark on or in connection with the goods/services listed in the  registration.

For the excerpt list below and in the complete book, several Trademark databases were searched, including those in Canada, the UK, Australia and the US.

At the time of compiling the list, some names may have been trademarked after the fact, while others may have dropped their Trademark application. Please excuse any inconsistencies. When I find updates, I will post them here.

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New Jade is a misleading trade name/marketing name for Serpentine or Bowenite (Var. Serpentine).

New Tanzanite is a misleading trade name for Iolite Var. Cordierite.

Nirvana Quartz is a marketing name for Growth Interrupted Quartz from the Himalayas. Lending even more marketing hi-jinks, the pink versions with the growth interrupted habit are now being touted as having a “Lemurian Scalar Quartz Formation”. In the real world, we just call that a Growth Interference habit.

Obsidianite is a marketing name for glass introduced with ash for color. It is not natural Obsidian. Gaia Stone and Helenite are two examples.

Oceanite is a new marketing name for Blue Onyx. Blue Onyx is a synonym for Aqua colored Calcite from
Argentina. See also Aquatine or Lemurian Aquatine Calcite™ Confused yet? wink

Opalite is a trade name for man-made synthetic opalized glass.


Peacock Ore is a marketing name for Acid washed/tarnished Chalcopyrite.

Perumar™ is a non-registered trademark name for a type of blue Rhodochrosite. I consulted the US, UK, Canada
and Australian Databases and found no such registered TM information.

Pink Ice Quartz is another marketing name for Growth Interrupted Quartz from the Himalayas, also marketed as
Nirvana Quartz.

Porcupine Quartz is marketing name for Spirit Quartz aka Cactus Quartz.

Purple Angeline™ is a non-registered trademark name for Amethyst w/Cacoxenite, Smoky Quartz combo.

Purple Flower Jasper (also called Chinese Flower Jasperand Flower Wood Jasper) is a re-marketing name by
China who originally marketed this as Charoite. It is neither a Jasper nor Charoite. It is a combination of D
grade materials including Fluorite, Quartz and iron.


Que Sera Stone™ is a marketing name for a multi mineral combination that comes from Brazil. It is said to contain Quartz, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron oxides, Magnetite, Clinozoisite and Leucozene. Trademarked by Carol Wallace in 2012.

Rosophia™ is a non-registered trademark name for a combination of Feldspar (pink to red), Quartz and Biotite.

Royal Azel is a synonym for Sugilite.

Royal Lavulite is a synonym for Sugilite.


Sacred Seven™ a legally trademarked name for a combination of Quartz, Smoky, Amethyst, Rutile, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, and Goethite. Registration Date of January 6, 2015 by Melody.

Satyaloka™ or Satyaloka™ Quartz is simply another name for quartz. Yes. Quartz. This variety of quartz is found in the Satya Loka mountains of Southern India. Registered on June 10, 2008 by Heaven & Earth.

Satya Mani Quartz™ is yet another trademarked, fancy name for Quartz.

Sea Sediment Jasper is a misleading marketing name for man-made shaped/poured resin or is it? Other information states it is dyed white Brecciated Jasper.

Sedona Stone (var. ROCK) is a marketing name for a type of red sandstone that comes from Sedona.

Shadow Lemurian Jade is a marketing name/non registered trademark name for a gray version of Lemurian Jade. Lemurian Jade is a combination of Black Jade, Quartz, Pyrite and other minerals from a remote mine in Peru.

Shamanite™ Found on a recent message board by a certified geologist AND Shaman, “Garden variety black Limestone/Calcite with a few fossils in it. Nothing about it, such as fossils or trace minerals like Strontianite and Zircon, is unusual. Charles Mark and Terry Schiefer applied for this trademarked name on February 5, 2008. The application was cancelled on Sept. 12, 2014. The name/application is now marked DEAD in the US trademark database.

Shaman Dream Crystal is a marketing name for Quartz with inclusions (including but not limited to Chlorite, iron oxide, etc.) See also “Lodolite”

Smelt Quartz is a marketing name for Colored glass (melting quartz sand) with possible infusion of colored mineral dust.

Sonora Sunrise is a marketing name for Cuprite in combination with Chrysocolla. Not as rare as you may be led to believe.

Spirit Quartz is the name used by locals (South Africa) also identified as Cactus Quartz. There is an unconfirmed story that in S. Africa, there is a household cleaner called “Spirits”. It comes in a purple bottle. So when the dealers went to the miners and wanted to see if they found any purple crystals, they asked them if they found any “Spirit Quartz”. The name stuck…

Stargate (Star Gate) Calcite is a marketing name for a Calcite crystal formation (habit) also called Dogtooth Calcite.

Stonehenge Bluestone is a synonym for Preseli Bluestone.

Stone of Life is a marketing name for Chrysotile included in Serpentine.

Strawberry Quartz (not to be confused with the real stuff) is a marketing name for colored glass (melting Quartz sand) with possible infusion of red colored minerals (Hematite, Cinnabar, etc.).

Super Seven™ is the Melody trademarked name for a combination of Quartz, Smoky, Amethyst, Rutile, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, and Goethite. Registration Date on June 17, 2008 by Melody.

Synergite™ also contains Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Goethite, Lepidochrosite, Cacoxenite and Rutile. The EXACT same minerals as Super Seven™. The new name, I assume was so Heaven and Earth could sell the same material without infringing on the Melody trademark. Much in the same vein as Agape Crystals™ was legally trademarked by the Crystal Seen Trading company from Arkansas in February 21, 2012 because it also contained the same minerals as Super Seven™. (This was verified through an email conversation with the owner).

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To the creators and members of Mindat.org who tirelessly and patiently answered each of my inquiries, I thank you. To the myriad of websites, far too many to name, who provided breadcrumbs leading to the truth, I thank you.
To those who brought new marketing names to my attention for further research, I thank you.


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