N, O, P

Crystal and mineral pronunciations can sometimes be difficult, especially when you take into consideration different accents or country grammar rules. Often, there may be more than one accepted pronunciation.

I am a simple gal from the USA, so use the simple hooked on phonics approach. These have been researched and compared with other USA pronunciation files for accuracy.

This page is dedicated to the letters N, O and P crystal and mineral pronunciations. This is not a complete list.

Have any you want me to add? Contact me!

Natrolite NAT troll light
Nebula Stone NEB yule ah Stone
Nephrite Jade Nef fright Jade
Nuummite Num mitt
Obsidian Ub SID ee ann
Okenite OH kin night
Onyx On icks
Opal OH pull
Orthoceras or though SER ass
Pargasite PAR gah sight
Peridot Pear eh doe
Petalite Petal light
Petosky Stone Peh toss key
Phenacite/Phenakite Fin uh kite or Fin uh sight
Pietersite Pee ter sight
Phrenite Pren night or Preen night
Psilomelane Sigh LOM ah lean
Purpurite Purr purr right
Pyrite Pie Right
Pyromorphite Pie roe morph ight

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