Programming 101

Programming is a fancy word that simply means setting a specific intent (or intents) into your crystal.  You infuse your intention energy into the crystal energy so that you and the crystal can work together for the highest good.

programming your crystal

In the past, there have been long rituals and instructions by various crystal folk. I personally do not feel that programming is at all necessary. The crystal has a specific energy for specific intents/purposes. You choose the crystal for a specific purpose based on that energy. So why exactly do you need to go through a process to tell the crystal what it already knows?

I think in this case, it is more about the connection WE want to forge with the crystal. The intent is what we need to say out loud for ourselves. So programming is really more about setting our intention and connecting that intention to the crystal we have chosen to work with.

Here is a simple intention ritual to try

Cleanse the crystal using your favorite cleansing method. Sit quietly, holding the crystal, and speak your intention out loud. Why out loud? Your voice sends sound vibrations out into the universe. They also connect with the crystal vibrations you are working with.

Ask that the crystal assist in your intent. Thank the crystal, hold it to your heart, and done.

Programming Suggestions

  • “I ask that this crystal will work only for my highest good and the highest good of ALL.”
  • “I ask that you assist me in (state your intent here) with joy and love.”
  • State your intent and then state, “May we work together for my highest good. Thank you, I love you.”

You get the idea. Just remember, it does not have to be complicated.

When you first start working with crystals, you hear tons of advice from many sources. Do this, don’t do that, make sure you use THIS procedure, etc..

It is my firm belief that each person should do what they feel is right for them and use the intuition you have been blessed with.

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