Grateful for your shares

Crystal Basics 101:

I bought this for my sister who may need some of the beginner’s info. I sent it with a gift of some crystals and she is reading the book! I read parts of it first and it actually informed me of stuff I didn’t know before so I think it could be a good book for all knowledge levels not just “beginner.” Ima Writer II May 7, 2021

“I really enjoyed reading this book. There was a lot of information presented in a simple way that was easy to understand. I found the grid content and diagrams especially helpful.” Cynthia A. Schmied June 9, 2017

How to Create your own Crystal Grids:

This little book had all the basic info that I was looking for.Toni April 22, 2020

The Handy Little Crystal List Reference Guide:

Great little book. I have put stickee tabs on pages I want to quickly go back to. Has sections that give you alpha listing by ailment or symptoms you want to find a stone or stones to help with that, separated in subsections of physical (body), mental/emotional, and spiritual/higher self. Fourth section gives alpha listing by name of stone and under those the qualities or purposes of this stone. The book has ample margin space for your own notes to be written. I like this book and refer to it often. It is a book I use and recommend so I would give it 5 stars out of 5!Ima Writer II February 10, 2021

Old Rocks, New Names: Synonyms, Trademarks and Marketing Names for Old Favorites and New Finds:

“Love this little book there is so many stones out there that have just been renamed so they can charge higher prices for them, this helps a lot.” Angelgirllily December 17, 2018

“I’ve got an older edition of this booklet, and it is super helpful! The author digs up a bunch of trade names, synonyms, and other rebranded rocks so crystal lovers of all levels can learn what is actually on the market (and avoid the hefty metaphysical markup for trademarked stones).” Nicholas Pearson May 10, 2021

The Crystal Speaks Sessions: 150 Personal Crystal Conversations, Lessons and Teachings

“Reading one of Kristi’s Crystal Communications is so refreshing. There is a depth in her
sharing the crystals story that makes you want to sit quietly with the crystal, like an old friend. I
love the outside the box thinking and thoroughly enjoy each time I get to read one of them.”

Sherry Gunn, British Columbia, Canada

“Look at them. Touch them. Study them. Listen. Listen to the stories they tell – the stories in this
book – and then, go pick up your favorite stone, and listen to the stories it’s been waiting to tell
you. This is what I have learned from Kristi that I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Boann CairnAith

General Kudos for which I am Grateful!

“I have learned so much from Kristi over the years! She is a wonderful teacher and I respect her
work and opinions. She is a gifted spirit and I just love her!!”

Cheryl Collins

“Kristi Hugs is a highly sensitive lady. I can only recommend her to anyone needing a crystal
recommendation. She has decades of experience and her crystal communications are
something to read! Sweet, caring and wise. Professional and responsible.”

Ros Marie Martinez Ripoll

“If you’re looking for accurate & well researched information combined with intuitive readings,
crystal griddings, & healing stones (and everything in between), Kristi Hugs is my favorite
resource. Highly ethical & integrity based she is the most well informed resource I’ve found.
She will not disappoint.”

Merielle Bernier

“Whenever I need some info or advice about crystals Kristi Is the person I always go to. She is
very knowledgeable with all things related to crystals, she has over 20 years experience. And if
she doesn’t know the answer she goes above and beyond to find the answer for you. Her
Crystal Speaks sessions are very special and and unique and I always learn so much from
hearing her experiences with the crystal/stone. Kristi is the best!”

Ariel Foxtrom

“Kristi has been an inspiration to me for years. Her crystal knowledge is exceptional and nobody
can do research like Kristi! I love her grids, and her crystal connections, and have learned so
much from her. Her teaching style is down to earth. Her crystal connections are mines of
wonderful treasures, I find them totally fascinating!”

Dawn Collett

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