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Why don’t we love ourselves? I am a student of human behavior. I like to sit and observe- facial expressions (yes, even emoticons)and body language. Even without the timber and tone of language, it is fascinating to observe the “spoken word” in type (phone, chat, social media). Social media, especially, is the epitome of “look at me!!!!!!” syndrome. And yet……. The majority of us do not love ourselves and constantly judge ourselves. And you know if we are doing it, others are doing it too. No self love.

Lack of love for self, self loathing, self judgment and sometimes even self hatred are real issues. Now, with the additional emphasis on bullying, we have a spiritual/emotional epidemic.

Why are we not more aware? Because to feel someone else’s pain, we must first address our own.

A story, your story?

When I was growing up, my family saw criticism as “love”. My grandmother would tell me that I was getting too fat and in the same breath, offer me cookies. My sister lived with the stigma of being the “smart” one while I was the “pretty” one. Many of us would duck and cover (and still do!) when a camera was around. Comments said in order to “help” were really designed to shame and hurt. Even today, if I was to call a certain member of my family, the first question would be, “How much do you weigh now?”.

You may recognize this story. Heck, it may be YOUR story!

Yes, I took the long way around to make my point, I do that sometimes. Stay with me, I will eventually get there 🙂 The point is that the majority of folks out there need attention, support, encouragement and love to bring out the divine, wonderful, beautiful person that they are. Without it, they become self judgers, self loathers, self haters. They usually suffer in silence. It could be your child, your neighbor, a coworker, heck, it could be YOU!

There are many tools that can aid us in finding our power. Crystals are my thing, so let’s start there 🙂

Crystals that can help find that self love…

For me, crystals are energy. They can enhance our own energies in a positive way. They lift us up energetically, helping us to tap into those higher frequencies making it easier to accept and feel love, joy, encouragement and support. And while crystals cannot fix you dinner, they are wonderful dinner companions. They listen without interrupting and offer nothing but love and encouragement.


The first recommendation I have for you is Chalcopyrite. Chalcopyrite helps to reduce self judgement and self deprecation. It instills/raises a sense of confidence and self esteem. Pair the Chalcopyrite with Ruby Fuchsite to be reminded how very worthy you really are. This stone combo will also help to enhance self worth, self esteem and self confidence.


Eudialyte is a wonderful piece to use when working with the issues of self. It aids in achieving forgiveness of the self and others. It helps to cease judgment of self and others, by showing the old programming/conditioning that still exists on a cellular level. Once this is understood through self awareness, then it can be addressed and released. Pair this with Rose Quartz which is brings in a loving, supportive, joyous energy.

aqua marine

Rhodonite balances the emotions and teaches love and forgiveness. It aids in the increase of self confidence, and feelings of and self worth. Pair with Aquamarine which allows and assists the holder to practice tolerance and non-judgment of self.

I often suggest Sunstone, not only for the pure joy it brings, but for its supportive energy to those who are struggling to find their own self empowerment/self worth/self confidence. Pair with Labradorite which will aid in enhancing the same.

Unconditional Love

pink kunzite
Lilac Kunzite

Pair pink Danburite with pink to lilac Kunzite to remind you of your true nature. That you are part and parcel of unconditional, Divine Love. Think of it as validation from your highest self.

Other crystals you may want to work with to fill you with unconditional, divine love would include:

Apatite, Pink ~ Pink Apatite is all about love, not only on a physical level, but transcends to a universal and beyond level. It IS love—the energy, which we each possess on a higher soul/mother/father/god level. It is a crystal of compassion, forgiveness and selflessness.

Calcite, Pink ~ Carries the energy of Divine love as a divine force aiding in understanding and embracing the beauty that is you. (You ARE Divine after all- Believe it!)

Cobaltoan Calcite (Cobaltocalcite)~ This sweet energy will activate, stimulate and clear the heart chakra. It will fill you with love, encourage a more accepting and positive outlook, and help to recognize negative self chatter (and self loathing) so that a new, more loving dialogue can be formulated to replace the old.

Manganocalcite ~ Transmits the energy of nurturing and loving self.

Morganite ~ Activates and energizes loving thoughts and actions.

Prehnite ~ Encourages SELF compassion, SELF forgiveness and SELF acceptance.

Rhodochrosite ~ Encourages SELF compassion and SELF love.

Smithsonite, Pink ~ holds a vibration of unconditional, Universal love. Heals the heart and can assist in overcoming emotional trauma such as abuse and abandonment

In Summary

Look over these suggestions and choose those that resonate for you. Start with just one or make your own combination. The idea is to use the crystal as a tangible tool to help you begin to understand how truly awesomely divine you are.

Of course crystals are not a cure all. They are one step in your journey of self discovery. A re-writing of history, if you will. All of those stories from the past? Throw them out the window, burn them, paper shred them in your mind. It is time for a clean slate.

Suggestion: This week, take a bubble bath. Add a few Rose Quartz crystals (or put them around your tub) to the water. Make sure to hold one in your hand while you soak. Allow yourself to soak up the wonderful energy. Your mantra this week? Something simple and easy for you to believe- I AM A GOOD PERSON.

For a quick reference guide, grab a copy of The Handy Little Crystal List Reference Guide via PDF Download here or in my Etsy Shop.

The information contained in this article is not meant to replace diagnosis and treatment by a qualified and licensed medical practitioner. ALL recommendations herein contained are derived from article research, various crystal healing reference books and intuition. No expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of their uses can be given nor liability taken.

All photos originally found through search, Pinterest and Etsy showcases. Research was done to find original owners. Many sites are now closed. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and I did my best to that end.

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  1. Thanks for the gr post. I love your explanations and found a few more healing crystals I would like to add to my collection in the near future that I just now learned about from this post. Thank you

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